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Released  2004
Mashinalno (2004)  Kremlin Rocks! (2005)
Release date  2004
Label  Sintez Records
Mesto Gde Svet (2001)  Mashinalno (2004)
Artist  Mashina Vremeni
Producer  Alexander Kutikov
Genres  Rock music, Rock and roll
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Mashinalno (in Russian: "Машинально"; translation to English: "Mechanically") - is an album released in 2004 by the company Sintez Records which consists of 12 songs by the popular Russian rock band Mashina Vremeni ("Time Machine"). The name of the album was chosen by means of competition. Fans were intended to suggest a name that fully reflects the album released in the year of 35th anniversary of the group. "Mechanically" stands for Russian word "Машинально" ("Mashinalno").


Track listing

  1. "Время пробует меня на зуб" (Andrei Makarevich)
  2. "Круги на воде" (Andrei Makarevich)
  3. "Кто из них я" (Evgeny Margulis, Andrei Makarevich)
  4. "Deep Purple in Rock" (Evgeny Margulis, Andrei Makarevich)
  5. "Эти реки никуда не текут" (Andrei Derzhavin, Andrei Makarevich))
  6. "По барабану" (Evgeny Margulis, Andrei Makarevich)
  7. "Не дай мне упасть" (Andrei Makarevich)
  8. "К Малой Бронной" (Alexander Kutikov, Andrei Makarevich)
  9. "Прости сегодня за вчера" (Evgeny Margulis)
  10. "Не повод для слез" (Andrei Makarevich)
  11. "Сакура-катана-сакэ" (Evgeny Margulis, Andrei Makarevich)
  12. "То, что люди поют по дороге домой" (Andrei Makarevich)

Band members

  • Andrei Makarevich - guitar, vocals
  • Alexander Kutikov - bass-guitar, vocals
  • Valery Efremov - drums
  • Evgeny Margulis - bass-guitar, guitar, vocals
  • Andrei Derzhavin - keyboards
  • Sessional musicians

  • S. Khutas - contrabass
  • S. Ostroumov - drums
  • V. Zharko - drums
  • M. Klyagin - guitar
  • A. Lev - guitar
  • L. Kamener - grand piano
  • References

    Mashinalno Wikipedia

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