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Classification  chordophone
Masenqo FileCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Langhalsluit met 1 snaar TMnr 52221a
Hornbostel–Sachs classification  321.311 (spike bowed lute)

Man playing a masenqo in ethiopia

The mesenqo (also spelled mesenko, mesenqo, mesenko, mesinko, or mesinqo) is a single-stringed bowed lute commonly found in the musical traditions of Ethiopia and Eritrea. As with the krar, this instrument is used by Ethiopian minstrels called azmaris ("singer" in Amharic) . Although it functions in a purely accompaniment capacity in songs, the masenqo requires considerable virtuosity, as azmaris accompany themselves while singing.


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The funnies ethiopian masinko player 2pac of ethiopia

Construction and design

Masenqo Masenqo Wikipedia

The square- or diamond-shaped resonator is made of four small wooden boards glued together, then covered with a stretched parchment or rawhide. The single string is typically made of horse hair, and passes over a bridge. The instrument is tuned by means of a large tuning peg to fit the range of the singer's voice. It may be bowed by either the right or left hand, and the non-bow hand sits lightly on top of the upper part of the string.

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Masenqo Wikipedia

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