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Masakazu Motoki

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Name  Masakazu Motoki

Education  Asia University
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Masakazu Motoki (端木 正和, Motoki Masakazu, born December 1971 in Fuqing, China) is a Chinese businessman who resides in Japan. He is the founder of Searchina Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Onrai Education Foundation (一般財団法人恩来教育基金). Masakazu Motoki is his popular name, and his real name is not revealed.


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He came from Fuqing City, Fujian Province to Japan as a pre-college student at age 17 in April 1989. He entered the Faculty of Law at Asia University in April 1991 while earning money for tuition fees with temporary jobs. After graduating from the university, he joined a trading company in Japan and was in sales and planning positions.

He resigned in May 1998 and was expanding an import business on a private basis when he established China Information Bureau in June of the same year, from the wishes "to remove the barriers between Japan and China", and "to realize mutual understanding beyond cultures between Japan and China".

He enrolled in a graduate program in electronic commerce at Gakushuin University in April 1999. He established Searchina in September of the same year. Searchina became affiliated to SBI Group in February 2010 and Motoki served concurrently as a company executive of SBI Holdings. He resigned as president of Searchina in June 2011 and launched the incorporated foundation Onrai Education Foundation.


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