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Country  India
Director  Viji Thampi
Language  Malayalam

Marupuram 1990 full malayalam movie

Marupuram ("The Other Side") is a 1990 Malayalam film directed by Viji Thampi and jointly written by Renjith and Kaloor Dennis. The film stars Jayaram, Mukesh, Urvashi, Sukumaran, Ashokan, M. G. Soman, Mahesh Jagathy, Lalu Alex and Devan.


The movie is a thriller from the team of Viji Thampi , Renjith and Kaloor Dennis.

Marupuram a shortmovie by ke college malayalam department


Two friends, Sethu (Jayaram) and Roy (Mukesh)), are staying at a lodge owned by Ratna (Urvashi) and managed by Chakkuni (Jagathy). Sethu and Roy do con jobs to make ends meet and save money to send Roy abroad for a better life. They attempt a burglary that goes wrong and lands them in jail. After their release, Sethu decides to part ways with Roy. Sethu reaches the lodge as he's in love with Ratna. Chakkuni helps Sethu by giving him some educational certificates that belonged to a previous lodger. Sethu changes his name to Albert (the name on the educational certificate) and lands in a job as a company supervisor. Sethu lives in fear that someone will recognize him as Sethu costing him his job and sending him to jail again for forgery. Soman is a friend of Sethu's boss and comes to visit him along with his family. Soman's daughter is depressed and refuses marriage. Soman's meeting with Sethu startles and surprises Soman. He informs Sethu that he has seen him somewhere and starts probing, which frightens Sethu.

Salim (Keerikkadan Jose) comes to town and starts inquiring about Albert. His agenda is to bump off Sethu. his first attempt fails. After Sethu returns, he sees Roy who has come to meet him. After dropping him off, Salim attacks Sethu again but loses his life accidentally.

Issac Thomas (Sukumaran) investigates Salim's death. He finds a note of Albert's address in Salim's wallet and his encounter with Sethu raises doubt of Sethu's actual identity. The investigation begins and becomes more complex. The real Albert is dead and the suspect list is long, as everyone has a motive to kill Albert.


  • Jayaram as Sethu
  • Mukesh as Roy
  • Urvashi as Rakthna
  • Sukumaran as Iaasac Thomas
  • Jagathi Sreekumar as chakkunni
  • Keerikkadan Jose as Salim
  • Lalu Alex
  • Manoj K Jayan as Albert
  • M G Soman as Menon
  • Devan
  • Ashokan
  • Appa Haja
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