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County  Wiltshire
Area  60.9 km²
Population  45,600 (2011)

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Map of Marlborough

Marlborough may refer to:


Marlborough blenheim a place to linger

Marlborough wine & food festival 30 year anniversary

United Kingdom

  • Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
  • Marlborough College, public school
  • Malborough, village in Devon, England
  • Marlborough School, Woodstock in Oxfordshire, England
  • Marlborough Science Academy in Hertfordshire, England
  • Australia

  • Marlborough, Queensland
  • Principality of Marlborough, a short-lived micronation in 1993
  • Canada

  • Marlborough, Calgary, neighbourhood in Calgary
  • Marlborough Park, Calgary, neighbourhood in Calgary
  • Marlborough Mall, shopping center in Calgary
  • Marlborough Township, Ontario
  • Indonesia

  • Fort Marlborough, a fortress in the city of Bengkulu, from the British era
  • Jalan Malioboro, the main street (jalan) of the city of Yogyakarta, the name of which is believed to be an Indonesianised version of Marlborough
  • Malaysia

  • Marlborough College, an outpost of the college in England
  • New Zealand

  • Marlborough, Auckland, a suburb of Auckland
  • Marlborough Province, in the South Island, from 1859 to 1876
  • Marlborough Region, in the South Island (formerly the Marlborough Province), noted for the wine from its Sauvignon Blanc grapes
  • California

  • Marlborough School (Los Angeles), all-girl college prep school
  • Connecticut

  • Marlborough, Connecticut, town in Hartford County
  • Massachusetts

  • Marlborough, Massachusetts, city in Middlesex County
  • New Marlborough, Massachusetts, town in Berkshire County
  • Missouri

  • Marlborough, Missouri, village in St. Louis County
  • New Hampshire

  • Marlborough, New Hampshire, town in Cheshire County
  • New York

  • Marlborough, New York, town in Ulster County
  • Pennsylvania

  • Marlborough Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • East Marlborough Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • West Marlborough Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • Zimbabwe

  • Marlborough, a suburb of Harare
  • Marlborough High School, a secondary education school in Harare
  • People

  • John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650–1722), 18th century British commander
  • For subsequent dukes, see Duke of Marlborough (title)
  • Earl of Marlborough, a title in the peerage of England
  • Henry Marlborough (?–?), English politician
  • Morgan Marlborough (born 1990), American footballer
  • Norm Marlborough (born 1945), Australian politician
  • Thomas of Marlborough (died 1236), English monk and writer
  • Cars

  • Marlborough (Anglo-French car), made between 1906 and 1926
  • Marlborough (New Zealand car), made between 1912 and 1920
  • Marlborough-Thomas, British, made between 1923 and 1924
  • Ships

  • HMS Marlborough, the name of several Royal Navy ships
  • HMS St Michael (1669), a second-rate, renamed Marlborough 1706–1762
  • HMS Marlborough (1767), a third-rate, 1767–1800
  • HMS Marlborough (1807), a third-rate, 1807–1835
  • HMS Marlborough (1855), a first-rate, 1855–1924
  • HMS Marlborough (1912), a battleship, 1912–1932
  • HMS Marlborough (F233), a frigate, 1989–2008 (sold to the Chilean Navy)
  • Marlborough (1876 ship), British merchant sailing ship, 1876–1890
  • Other

  • Marlborough (New Zealand electorate), centred on the Marlborough region
  • Marlborough Fine Art, an international art gallery headquartered in London, England
  • Marlborough House, London, England
  • Marlborough wine & food festival pioneers

    Wairau river 2010 marlborough wine and food festival


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