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Marie Pierre Castel

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Occupation  Actress
Role  Film actress

Name  Marie-Pierre Castel
Years active  1969–1977
Siblings  Catherine Castel
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Born  5 February 1950 (age 65) (1950-02-05) Villejuif, Val-de-Marne, France
Relatives  Catherine Castel (sister)
Movies  Requiem pour un Vampire, La Vampire Nue, Le Frisson des Vampires, Levres de Sang

Known for  Requiem pour un Vampire

Marie-Pierre Castel (born 5 February 1950) is a French actress.


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She is best known for appearing in films directed by Jean Rollin, often playing vampires. Her most notable being Requiem for a Vampire, in which she played the lead role. She appeared in several of Rollin's films alongside her twin sister Catherine Castel, The Nude Vampire, Lips of Blood, Phantasmes and his erotic films Bacchanales Sexuelles and Hard Penetrations. The films by Rollin in which Marie-Pierre appeared alone without her sister, The Shiver of the Vampires and Requiem for a Vampire, the roles in both were originally supposed to go to Catherine, but due to personal issues, Rollin offered the roles to Marie-Pierre. She has also worked with directors Jean-Marie Pallardy, Bernard Launois, Jean Desvilles and Francis Girod. She has also been credited as "Pony Tricot", "Pony Castel" and "Marie-Pierre Tricot". Marie-Pierre has not appeared in a film since 1977.


Marie-Pierre Castel Base de donnes de films franais avec images

  • 1969: La Vampire Nue (The Nude Vampire) - 'Georges Servant'
  • 1970: Le Frisson des Vampires (The Shiver of the Vampires) - 'Maid'
  • 1971: Requiem pour un Vampire (Requiem for a Vampire) - 'Marie'
  • 1974: Tout le monde il en a deux (Bacchanales Sexuelles) - 'Une souris'
  • 1974: Le journal érotique d'un bûcheron (Erotic Diary) (later hardcore insert)
  • 1975: Lévres de Sang (Lips of Blood) - 'Jumelle Vampire'
  • 1975: Suce moi vampire (Suck Me Vampire) - 'Jemelle Vampire' (hard version of Lévres de Sang)
  • 1975: Le dépravées du plaisir (Le gibier)
  • 1975: Phantasmes (Once Upon a Virgin)
  • 1976: Introductions (Les weekends d'un couple pervers)
  • 1976: Douces pénétrations (La Romancière lubrique) - 'Une soubrette'
  • 1977: René la canne (Rene the Cane)

  • Marie-Pierre Castel Base de donnes de films franais avec images

    Marie-Pierre Castel MariePierre Castel


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