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Margaret Nakhla

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Margaret Nakhla


Margaret Nakhla (Arabic: مرجريت نخلة‎) was a modern Egyptian painter (1908–1977).


Nakhla, born 12/10/1908 in Alexandria, studied art in France specialising in oil painting. She received her teaching Diploma in 1939, then studied the art of wall painting at the Ecole du Louvre in 1951. She taught at the Institute of Fine Arts for Girls, Egypt. She lived in Alexandria, Paris, Cairo and Port Said.

Special Exhibitions

  • The first special exhibition in the French city of Anneber 1936
  • Exhibition of the work of the Egyptian Embassy in Paris 1948
  • Show Bernham Gallery 1954
  • An exhibition of her work in Cairo - Alexandria - Port Said
  • Comprehensive exhibition of work, 1965
  • local exhibitions

  • Agro-industrial exhibition 1931
  • Exhibition of art lovers in Alexandria 1932
  • Exhibitions Autumn Salon - Salon Ordinations
  • Cairo International Market 1958
  • Society of Fine Arts, exhibition of her work 1978
  • Egyptian Woman Creations 1999 (a special exhibition of her work)
  • Exhibition for the Alexandrian art pioneers, Heliopolis 2007
  • Egyptian Modern Art Museum Exhibition in January 2008
  • International exhibitions

  • Paris International Exhibition 1937
  • Egypt-France Exhibition Museum Decorative Arts in Paris 1949
  • International Fair Deauville, France, 1960
  • Three competitions for students of the High School of Fine Arts-year 36 / 37 / 1939, France
  • Missions, and grants

    1965 full-time grant of artistic production for a year

    Substantive tasks assigned to the contributions of public

  • Painting of the Church of the Virgin Mary `` Zamalek draw 12 plate portrays women in the religious teachings of Jesus Christ * Also Painting of the church is also making additional paintings to illustrate the `Last Supper` and `Christmas`
  • Local Awards

  • Silver Medal of the agro-industrial exhibition 1931
  • Gold Medal of the Society of Fine Arts (Alexandria) 1932
  • The first prize of the Cairo International Market in 1958
  • The first prize of Cairo Salon Exhibition 1959
  • International awards

  • First prize in three competitions in France for students of School 1936 - 1938
  • Medal of the Paris International Exhibition 1937
  • A certificate of excellence for the international painting exhibition Deauville, France
  • Special collections

    Special groups of persons at home and abroad

    Informal Items

  • Her paintings,in Egyptian and French museums
  • Embassy of Egypt in France
  • Some French government institutions
  • Important works of art in the life of the artist

  • A birth of Christ - Last Supper - the stock market - women's bathroom
  • Influences that reflected the artist's intellectual and artistic

  • Art is expressive and recorded the sudden impact that results from the vision and quick cursory glance and the strength of observation and analysis of the factors which affected the self-defense after it printed pictures of forms and the ability to bring these observations colors and lines of fast implementation months of her paintings (KSE) Museum of Egyptian Modern Art.
  • Is the most important artists of the second generation after generation of pioneers in the modern Egyptian art professor is amazingly generations of Egyptian women between the artists .. Style in the painting depicts reality Plumsat Tothreyp (impressionism) it is an instinctive sense of taste strongly of expression .. Have a clear technical and functional since the beginning of her life known as the high ability in handling the topics of movement, such as horse racing and the market .. It gives each person a special expression of movement and color features - The vocabulary of attention makes her paintings Alchkhos close portrait of Cartoons ... They tend to helicopters and radioactive composition which is a strong correlation.
  • To reflect on the paintings of Margaret Nakhla most human groupings, sometimes cynically and accuracy of the stock market perception Vlouhadtha desperate people with the money amazing to note that these expressions have the image of nature, but amid the disposal of the artist, has been an artist has all the means of drafting and technical high-capacity, and at the same time they have enlightened thought and awareness of human classy.


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