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Sri Brahmalingeshwara Temple, Maranakatte in the day.

Kodachadri, Sringeri, Mandarthi

Maranakatte is located at a distance of 16 km from Kundapura on the way to Kollur and the village is also called Kanchinakodlu. There is a Brahmalingeshwara Temple which is located on the banks of a river in the northside which then takes a steep turn towards east which increases the beauty of the spot.


Maranakatte Brahma in light blue background

Sri bramhalingeshwara temple maranakatte


Maranakatte Brahma in dark blue background

It is believed that Goddess Mookambika performed a Marana Homa here after Killing the wicked Mookasura. After slaying the demon,the divine mother granted divinity to the demon's soul and blessed him to be known as Brahmalingeshwara. The Temple faces east side & the Sanctorum faces the north. By the sides of main statue of lord Brahmalingeshwara there is Malayali Yakshi & Vata Yakshi & also two Dwarapalakas. In front of the Sanctorum there is a Buvaneshwari Yanthra or Sri Chakra,established by Adi Shankara. Beside the “Brahmalingeshwara Gudi” there is a ” Daivadha mane “ of Haiguli and Chikku. There is a mother-son relationship between Goddess Mookambika and Shri Brahmalingeshwara.

Influenced by Adi Shankara

The temple is also influenced by sage Adi Shankaracharya, who established the Sri Chakra at this temple.


Maranakatte Brahma in red background

The day of Makara Sankranthi, a temple fair is arranged here which attracts large number of people from all over the district and neighbouring districts. The speciality of the place is settling of disputes & promises uttered in the name of God (vaakya teermana)which have a deep influence in the mind of the devotees. People who are possessed by spirits can get cured of the possession by the grace of the lord.

Maranakatte Brahma

Maranakatte Shri Brahmalingeshwara Temple annual festival

Maranakatte Brahma with a flower sash all over it.


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