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Mani Maalai

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Kandakottam deiva mani maalai by dr seerkazhi govindarajan devotional dolphin part 2

Mani Malai is a 1941 compilation of four Tamil comedy short films. The first of them - Ashaadabuthi, was directed by Fram Sethna and features P.B. Rangachari, T.N. Vasudevan Pillai, T.V. Sethuraman, K.S. Adhilakshmi, T.S. Jaya and Pankajammal. The second - Minor-in Kaathal, was directed by and features T.S. Durairaj, M.R. Swaminathan, T.V. Sethuraman, N. Venkataraman Babu, K.S. Adhilakshmi, P.R. Mangalam and K.V. Shanthabai. The third - Abbuthi Adigal, features P.B. Rangachari, P.G. Venkatesan, V.N. Sundaram, ‘Master’ Sivam, T.N. Meenakshi and V.N. Janaki-Krishnabai (dances). The fourth and final of the compilation - Naveena Markandeyar, was directed by A.T. Krishnaswamy and features Kali N. Ratnam, T. R. Ramachandran, K. Hiranaiah, M.R. Subramaniam, Ratnappa and T.V. Annapoorani.


Muthu mani maalai song vakeesan performing with p susheela and mukundan


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This film deals with untouchability in a lighter vein, about a bhagavathar (P. B. Rangachari) misbehaving with a domestic help (Jaya). She visits him with her husband. Scared, and with his wife (K.S. Adhilakshmi) at home adding to it, the man apologises for his conduct. Comedy actor T.V. Sethuraman plays his disciple and M.R. Subramaniam plays the village headman.

Minor-in Kaathal

Comedy actor T.S. Durairaj, who also produced films and had success as race-horse-owner at the Guindy Races, played the ‘minor’ in this film (In those days, a ‘minor’ was usually a young man with a loads of inherited money with which he led a care-free life). He refuses to marry the woman suggested by his mother, and joins a mutt to learn how to impress women. Here he falls in love with a married washerwoman (Adhilakshmi). Complications arise when the husband comes to know of it and takes his wife away. What happens to the ‘minor’ and how he learns his lessons forms the rest of the film. M.R. Swaminathan played the husband and Sethuraman contributed to the fun with his wisecracks.

Abbuthi Adigal

This film is not a comedy, but a tale of godly devotion dealt with humour. Stage and screen actor P.B. Rangachari plays Adigal, a devotee of saint-poet Appar. When Appar comes to lunch at Adigalar’s house, his young son is sent to the back yard to fetch a banana leaf. He is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies. Adigal and his wife (Meenakshi) hide the son’s body and get ready to serve Appar. Swami hides the body and asks them where their son is.

The truth comes out, and Appar, with divine help, brings the boy back to life. Singer-actor V.N. Sundaram plays the saint-poet. V.N. Janaki, wife of MGR (also Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for a brief while) does a dance sequence along with the now-forgotten dancer Krishna Bai.

This is a spoof on the familiar tale of Markandeya who is blessed with eternal youth. Kali N. Ratnam plays Lord Yama while T.R. Ramachandran is Markandeya. Kannada stage and screen actor K. Hiranaiah is Chitragupta, Yama’s record-keeper.


The film was shot at Vel Pictures Studio at Guindy.


Film historian Randor Guy praised the film for "The comedy of yesteryear stars."


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