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Mambasa Territory

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Province  Ituri
National language  Swahili
Mambasa Territory
Country  Democratic Republic of Congo

Mambasa Territory is an administrative area in the Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The headquarters is in the town of Mambasa. Mambasa Territory is threatened with deforestation due to illegal forestry to meet high demand for lumber by the bordering countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Kenya, as well as to slash and burn cultivation and growing demand for fuel-wood by large numbers of immigrants from the east.


Towns and villages

  • Mambasa
  • Nia Nia
  • Divisions

    Administrative divisions are:

  • Bombo Chiefdom
  • Bandaka Chiefdom
  • Babila-Babombi Chiefdom
  • Mambasa Chiefdom
  • Walese-Dese Chiefdom
  • Walese-Karo Chiefdom
  • Bakwanza Chiefdom
  • Politics

    Mambasa Territory is represented in the National Assembly by two deputies:

  • Jefferson Abdallah (PPRD)
  • Grégoire Lusenge (RCD/K-ML)
  • References

    Mambasa Territory Wikipedia

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