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Maloney is a surname of Irish origin. The name 'Maloney' is derived from the old Irish Ua Maol Dhómhnaigh.


The name may refer to:


  • Brian Maloney, Irish Gaelic football player
  • Carolyn B. Maloney (born 1948), American politician from New York; U.S. representative
  • Charles Garrett Maloney (1913–2006), American Roman Catholic bishop in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Christopher Maloney (born 1969), American bass player, guitarist, singer and music educator
  • Dan Maloney (born 1950), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Dave Maloney (born 1956), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • David Maloney (1933–2006), British television director and producer
  • Don Maloney (1926-2007), American author on Japanese subjects
  • Don Maloney (born 1958), Canadian professional ice hockey player and manager
  • Edward Maloney (contemporary), American politician from Illinois; state representative
  • Edward T. Maloney (contemporary), aviation historian and museum curator
  • Evan Coyne Maloney (born 1972), American blogger and web chat developer
  • Francis T. Maloney (1894–1945), American politician from Connecticut; U.S. representative and senator
  • Frank Maloney, British boxing manager and promoter
  • Frank Richard Maloney (1945-2009), American writer and poet
  • Franklin J. Maloney (1899–1958), American politician from Pennsylvania; U.S. representative
  • Gary Maloney (born 1958), American political consultant
  • James Maloney (born 1986), Australian Rugby League player
  • James H. Maloney (born 1948), American politician from Connecticut; U.S. representative
  • Jim Maloney (born 1940), American professional baseball player
  • Joe Maloney (1934–2006), English professional football player
  • John David Maloney (born 1945), Canadian politician from Ontario; member of the House of Commons
  • John F. Maloney (died 1918), Alaskan lawyer, businessman, and politician; mayor of Juneau 1905–1906
  • Kevin P. Maloney (1958), American real estate developer
  • Kristen Maloney (born 1981), American Olympic gymnast
  • Leo D. Maloney (1885–1929), American actor and director
  • Martin Maloney (born 1961), English artist and painter
  • Matt Maloney (born 1971), American professional basketball player
  • Matt M. Maloney (business executive), American entrepreneur and business executive (Grubhub)
  • Michael Maloney (born 1957), English actor
  • Patty Maloney (born 1936), American actress with dwarfism
  • Paul H. Maloney (1876–1967), American politician from Louisiana; U.S. representative
  • Reilly and Maloney, Ginny Reilly and David Maloney: American folk music duo in the 1970s
  • Rich Maloney (born c. 1964), American college baseball coach at University of Michigan
  • Robert S. Maloney (1881–1934), American politician from Massachusetts, U.S. representative
  • Samantha Maloney (born 1975), American musician and drummer
  • Sean Patrick Maloney (born 1966), American lawyer and politician from New York; adviser to President Clinton
  • Shane Maloney (contemporary), Australian author of the Murray Whelan series of novels
  • Shaun Maloney (born 1983), Scottish footballer
  • Steve Maloney (contemporary), English rock musician
  • Tim Maloney (contemporary), Animator
  • William F. Maloney, American engineer
  • William Maloney (1854–1940), Australian politician from Melbourne; member of the House of Representatives
  • Other

  • Maloney, Kentucky
  • Boulevard Maloney (Gatineau), road in Quebec, Canada
  • Maloney Elementary School, Fremont, California, USA
  • Maloney Hall, chemistry building at The Catholic University of America
  • Maloney House (Lockport, New York), historic home located in Niagara County
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