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Malo Ubeljsko

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Country  Slovenia
Municipality  Postojna
Area  247 ha
Population  55 (2002)
Traditional region  Inner Carniola
Elevation  566 m
Local time  Sunday 11:12 AM
Malo Ubeljsko
Statistical region  Littoral–Inner Carniola
Weather  13°C, Wind SW at 8 km/h, 73% Humidity

Malo Ubeljsko ([ˈmaːlɔ ˈuːbəlskɔ]; Italian: Oblisca piccola, German: Kleinubelsko) is a small village below the eastern slopes of the Nanos Plateau in the Municipality of Postojna in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.


Map of 6225 Malo Ubeljsko, Slovenia


Together with neighboring Veliko Ubeljsko (literally, 'big Ubeljsko'), Malo Ubeljsko (literally, 'little Ubeljsko') was mentioned in written sources circa 1200 as ze Vlbelzch (and as Vbelczk in 1402, Vlbliczk and Vbelicz in 1485, and Vbelskh in 1498). The name may be derived from the common noun *ǫbъlъ '(deep) spring'; there are several major springs in the area.


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