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Alternative names  Maleeda
Place of origin  Afghanistan
Region or state  Central Asia
Malida Today39s Special Malida or Malido Authentic Bohra Sweet Dish
Main ingredients  Wheat flour, semolina, butter, milk, khoa, ground cardamom seed, pistachios or almonds
Similar  Dessert, Milk, Ghee, Aushak, Shorwa

Malida recipe maleeda ramadan special recipe sweet dessert

Malida also known as Maleeda, is a traditional Afghan Central Asian sweet dish, made by initially creating a dough out of wheat flour, semolina, butter and milk. The dough is then baked on a round flat pan, once baked you break apart the cookie into crumbs. Afghan women sit together and grind the dough pieces in the palms of their hands while saying a prayer to bless the sweet dessert, as it will become a Nazr (food that is blessed by being prayed upon). Once the Malida is almost in a powder form, it is put through a sifter and made into a more grainy powder by pushing it with your fist through the small netting of the sifter (nowadays, you can use an electric blender). It is then mixed with sugar for a sweeter taste and served on auspicious or holy events. (Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Birth of a baby, Eid or religious events)


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Malida Malida recipe maleeda ramadan special recipe sweet dessert YouTube


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