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Malherbe is a surname of French origin. Notable people with the surname include:


  • de Malherbe family (Normandy):
  • François de Malherbe (1555-1628), French poet, reformer of French language;
  • Marc-Antoine de Malherbe (1600-1627), duellist, son of the poet François de Malherbe;
  • Jean-Baptiste-Antoine de Malherbe (1712-1771), archbishop of Tours;
  • Jean de Malherbe (1911-1983), author in political and economic sciences;
  • de Malherbe family (Maine):
  • Raymond de Malherbe (1826-1891), French politician, senator;
  • Maria-Dolorès de Malherbe (1894-1966), recognised "Righteous Among the Nations";
  • Guy de Malherbe (born in 1958), painter;
  • Apolline de Malherbe (born in 1980), television journalist;
  • Malherbe family from South Africa:
  • Daniël Francois Malherbe (1881-1969), South-African Afrikaans-language novelist, poet, dramatist and scholar;
  • Ernst Gideon Malherbe (1895-1982), South-African pedagogue and university dean;
  • Arnaud Malherbe (born in 1972), South-African athlete, 400 meters runner;
  • Jozua François Malherbe (born in 1991), South-African international rugby union player;
  • Stephanie Malherbe (born in 1996), South-African international football player;
  • Malherbe families from Belgium:
  • Jean-François Malherbe (1950-2015), Belgian philosopher and writer;
  • André Malherbe (born in 1956), Belgian former Grand Prix motocross racer;
  • Anne Malherbe (born in 1968), Belgian spouse of Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador from 2007 to 2017.
  • and also

  • Albert Malherbe (1845-1915), French doctor in dermatology;
  • Alfred Malherbe (1804–1865), French magistrate and naturalist;
  • Annet Malherbe (born 1957), Dutch actress;
  • Arnaud Malherbe (born in 1972), French script writer and director;
  • Charles Théodore Malherbe (1853-1911), French violinist, musicologist and composer;
  • Delphine de Malherbe (born in 1973), French writer and play director;
  • Didier Malherbe (born 1943), French rock and jazz saxophonist;
  • Edmond Malherbe (1870-1963), French composer;
  • Flora Malherbe, fictional character on the American sitcom The Andy Griffith Show;
  • Guy Malherbe (born 1946), French politician, mayor and member of the National Assembly;
  • Henri de Malherbe (1910-?), French international rugby union player (list of selections) and chairman of SC Mazamet;
  • Henry de Malherbe (1847-1908), French civil servant, prefect of Valenciennes, Niort and Oran;
  • Henry Malherbe (1886–1958), journalist and French writer, winner of the Prix Goncourt in 1917;
  • Hermeline Malherbe (born in 1969), French politician, senator;
  • Jean Fontaine-Malherbe (ca. 1740-1780), French writer;
  • Jean-François Boursault-Malherbe (1750-1842), French revolutionary and theater director;
  • Joseph Anne Robert Malherbe (1758-1841), French politician and magistrate;
  • Michel Malherbe (born in 1930), French civil engineer and encyclopaedist;
  • Michel Malherbe (born in 1941), French philosopher;
  • Óscar Malherbe de León (born in 1964), Mexican drug lord;
  • Pierre-Olivier Malherbe (ca. 1569 – ca. 1616), French explorer;
  • Suzanne Malherbe (1892–1972), French illustrator and photographer.
  • in France

  • La Haye-Malherbe, civil parish of Eure;
  • Malherbe-sur-Ajon, new civil parish of Calvados, from which a delegated civil district is Saint-Agnan-le-Malherbe;
  • Neuilly-le-Malherbe, civil parish of Calvados merged in 1972 into Vacognes-Neuilly;
  • Crêt Malherbe, culminating point (946 m) of the Monts du Lyonnais.
  • in England

  • Boughton Malherbe, civil parish of Kent;
  • Cricket Malherbie, village of Knowle St Giles, civil parish of Somerset.
  • in Algeria

  • Aghlal, town of the district of Aïn Témouchent (Algeria), formerly named De Malherbe in honour of Prefect Henry de Malherbe ("De Malherbe". ).
  • Schools

  • Lycée Malherbe of Caen, state lycée that bears the name of François de Malherbe. Stade Malherbe de Caen is a sporting club originating from this lycée;
  • École Malherbe de Grenoble ("École Malherbe". ), state primary school;
  • Malherbe International School du Pecq et du Vésinet ("Malherbe International School". ), private international primary school.
  • Châteaux and vineyards

  • Château de Malherbes, château of the XIXth century and vineyard of Premières-côtes-de-bordeaux, located on the civil parish of Latresne (Gironde) ;
  • Château Malherbe ("Château Malherbe". ), vineyard of Côtes-de-provence, located on the civil parish of Bormes-les-Mimosas (Var).
  • Science et literature

  • Malherbe's parakeet, species of parakeet whose naming is dedicated to the naturalist Alfred Malherbe;
  • Pilomatricoma also known as a calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe, benign skin tumor whose naming is dedicated to the dermatologist doctor Albert Malherbe;
  • Henry Malherbe Prize, literary prize whose naming is dedicated to the writer Henry Malherbe.
  • References

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