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Malakand Agency

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Malakand Agency

Thana malakand agency pakistan

The Malakand Agency (Pashto: ملاکنډ ایجنسيۍ‎) was one of the Tribal Areas in the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province) of Pakistan until 1970. It included the princely states of Chitral, Dir and Swat, and an area around the Malakand Pass known as the Malakand Protected Area.


In 1970, following the abolition of the princely states, the agency became the Malakand Division, which was divided into districts, one of which was the Malakand Protected Area, known as Malakand District. In 2000 the Malakand Division was abolished.

Despite the constitutional changes since 1970, the expression Malakand Agency is still used, sometimes of the entire area of the former Agency, but more often of Malakand District.

Totakan malakand agency


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