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Mala Synagogue

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Affiliation  Orthodox Judaism
Province  Kerala
Address  SH51, Mala, Kerala 680732
District  Thrissur district
Rite  Sephardic
Status  Defunct
Phone  0480 289 1097
Year consecrated  1934
Mala Synagogue
Location  , Mala, Thrissur, India
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Mala synagogue

The Mala Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the India, located in Mala in Thrissur district of Kerala State. The Synagogue is now with Mala Panchayat. The defunct Synagogue doesn’t have any kind of religious materials inside and it was built by Malabar Jews.



Historians says that Mala Synagogue was built in the 11th century with the wood donated to Joseph Rabban by the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin. The first structure was pulled down in the 11th century and a new building was constructed in 1400 and it was renovated in 1792. But according to historical evidence the Synagogue was constructed in 1597. Even the town's name were the synagogue was located, "Mala", might have originated from the Hebrew word "Mal-Aha" which means "Center of Refugee". The Synagogue was also attacked by Tipu Sultan's Army during the Second Anglo-Mysore War. When the Mala Jewish community started migrating to Israel in 1955, the Synagogue was handed over to Mala Gram Panchayat in December 20, 1954. The Panchayat now owns the Synagogue and it was used as hall. The Synagogue comes with a cemetery which was handed over Mala Gram Panchayat on April 1, 1955.


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