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Makoto Kobayashi (artist)

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Occupation  Manga artist
Subject  manga
Nationality  Japanese
Name  Makoto Kobayashi
Period  1978 to present
Role  Manga artist
Genre  fiction

Makoto Kobayashi (artist) Flickriver Photoset 39Makoto Kobayashi art amp scratchbuilt
Books  Michael's Favorite Spot, What's Michael?., Hard Day's Life

Makoto Kobayashi (小林 まこと, Kobayashi Makoto) (born May 13, 1958) is a Japanese manga artist who is best known for his unusual drawing style. One of his best known manga is What's Michael?, a manga about a curious orange cat and his many adventures that is often compared with Garfield. His earliest work is Grapple Three Brothers, which won the Shōnen magazine New manga artist award. He has twice won the Kodansha Manga Award, for Sanshiro of 1, 2 (ja) in 1981 and What's Michael? in 1986.


Makoto Kobayashi (artist) Dragon39s Heaven by Makoto Kobayashi DJ Food


Makoto Kobayashi (artist) DirectorDesigner Makoto Kobayashi CosmoDNA
  • Grapple Three Brothers
  • Sanshirō of 1, 2
  • Judo Bu Monogatari
  • I am Makkoi
  • Club 9 (Miss Hello) - Kobayashi has often parodied himself, as well as his works; one of the most visible examples is in Club 9, where he appears as a character.
  • Gaburin
  • Chichonmanchi (Hell of Love & Ecstasy)
  • What's Michael?
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Anime

    Makoto Kobayashi (artist) Makoto Kobayashi art amp scratchbuilt models Flickr
  • Judo Bu Monogatari OAV
  • What's Michael? OAV
  • What's Michael? 2 OAV
  • What's Michael? TV

  • Makoto Kobayashi (artist) Makoto Kobayashi legendary Japanese artist and scale


    Makoto Kobayashi (artist) Wikipedia