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Make It Sweet!

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Released  June 19, 1999
Length  33:44
Release date  19 June 1999
Recorded  1998-1999
Artist  MilkCan
Label  Sony Music
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Genre  Alternative rock; Country rock; Pop punk; Rap rock; Thrash metal; J-Pop; Ska punk; Surf rock; Southern rock; Sound collage
Producer  Ma-San (fictional, within the CD's liner notes)
Similar  UmJammer Lammy, PaRappa the Party Mix, PaRappa the Rapper, Vital Idol

Milkcan make it sweet full album

Make It Sweet was the only album by the alternative rock/virtual band MilkCan, released on June 19, 1999. It acted as the soundtrack to the PlayStation video game UmJammer Lammy (a spin-off title of the revolutionary music game PaRappa the Rapper.) Instead of featuring music taken directly from the game, the album features music performed by MilkCan with vocals by Michele Burks as Katy Kat. On a few tracks, most notably "Power Off! Power On!", "Baby Baby!!", and "Taste of Teriyaki!!", Katy shares the vocals with the masters in the game.


In November 1999 an official soundtrack with the original music from the game was released.

In the United States, the album was not released due to the commercial failure yet critical success of Um Jammer Lammy. Because of that, the album was put for download on the Internet for free, although not on iTunes or Rhapsody.

Critical response to the album was mixed. Some fans praise the album for having an individuality, while some panned the album due to its "shrillness" or the fact that Katy now takes over the vocals.

In 2000, on MilkCan's now-defunct band site (; can be mentioned on "Radio Signal Jam"), the fictional band members gave their own reasons on why to buy the album via video. Ma-San's reason is unknown, as she didn't have any subtitles, but Lammy's and Katy's reasons were that the album was good in their opinions.

um jammer lammy milkcan make it sweet full album

Song list

  1. "Let's Jam Together" – 0:14
  2. "KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!" – 3:09
  3. "FRIGHT FLIGHT!!" – 2:46
  4. "BABY BABY!!" – 2:19
  5. "FIRE FIRE!!" – 2:59
  6. "PJ Berri Jam" – 0:36
  7. "BIRTH SONG" – 1:58
  8. "THEME OF RAMMY" – 2:14
  9. "CASINO IN MY HAIR" – 1:27
  10. "Radio Signal Jam" – 0:59
  11. "TASTE OF TERIYAKI" – 3:53
  12. "POWER OFF! POWER ON!" – 2:46
  13. "WE ARE MILKCAN!" – 4:17
  14. "Jam Chin" – 0:19
  15. "GOT TO MOVE! (Millennium Girl)" – 3:42


  • Katy Kat - bass, lead and backing vocals, spoken words
  • Lammy - electric guitar, spoken words, backing vocals
  • Ma-san - drums, production, spoken words
  • Additional personnel

  • Cathy Piller - spoken words
  • Baby bunny - lead vocals
  • Rammy - electric guitar
  • Teriyaki Yoko - lead vocals, rapping
  • Paul Chuck - lead vocals
  • PaRappa - spoken words, rapping
  • Sunny Funny - spoken words
  • PJ Berri - spoken words
  • Joe Chin - spoken words
  • Songs

    1Let's Jam Together!0:15
    2Keep Your Head Up!!3:09
    3Fright Flight!!2:46


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