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District  Équateur District
Province  Équateur
Territory  Makanza Territory
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Makanza is a community in the Équateur province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, headquarters of the Makanza Territory.


Map of Makanza, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Makanza was formerly known as Bangala Station and then as Nouvelle-Anvers / Nieuw-Antwerpen (New Antwerp). It is a port on the River Congo. Located midway between Kinshasa and Kisangani, the location housed a trading post from the 1890. The town was one of the main stages of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. The Bangala people of the area were among the first people to come in contact with the colonialists. Their language, Lingala, eventually merged with the "Lobangi" lingua franca of the river.


The territory of Makanza has 3 sectors:

  • Bangala, four groups of 34 villages,
  • Mweko, two groups of 21 villages,
  • Ndobo, four groups of 17 villages.
  • Towns

    The main towns are:

  • Bolombo
  • Mabanga
  • Makanza, capital
  • Malele
  • Malundja
  • Mobeka
  • Lusenge
  • Demographics

  • 1994= 37,048
  • 2004= 41,447
  • References

    Makanza Wikipedia

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