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Majority draw

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A majority draw is an outcome in several full-contact combat sports, including boxing, mixed martial arts, and others sports involving striking. In a majority draw, two of the three judges agree that neither fighter won (i.e. tied scorecards), while the third judge indicates one fighter being the clear winner on his/her scorecard. Thus, the majority of judges see the outcome as even and the result is announced as such, although one judge gave a clear victory on his/her card to one fighter.

The outcome is one of the rarest judged decisions in professional boxing and MMA, apart from a unanimous draw (where all three judges score the fight as a tie), or a split draw (where a judge scores a winner of each fighter, as well as a judge scoring a draw).

An example of a majority draw is during UFC 205's Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson card. Of a three judge-panel, two judges have scored a draw, but the final judge awarded Tyron Woodley 48-47.


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