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Main Duck Island

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Location  Lake Ontario
Major islands  Main Duck Island
Province  Ontario
Total islands  2
Population  0 (1978)
Main Duck Island wwwlighthousefriendscommainduck4on2010jpg

Main duck island

Main Duck Island is a Canadian island in the eastern part of Lake Ontario situated next to the smaller Yorkshire Island. It was purchased by Parks Canada in 1977 and has been a part of the Thousand Islands National Park since 1998.


Map of Main Duck Island, Prince Edward, ON, Canada

The old lighthouse keeper s house on main duck island

Early HistoryEdit

Archaeological evidence suggests the island was first used by nomadic Point Peninsula Peoples between 450 BC and 450 AD. The island then appears to have been used by the Owasco culture from 850 to 1050 AD. There is evidence that Iroquoian Peoples used the island from 1250 to 1450 AD.

European SettlementEdit

European settlers from Prince Edward County began to settle Main Duck Island in the early 19th century, establishing a fishing station.

Captain John Walters built a schooner there in 1865 called the Harriet Anne.

20th CenturyEdit

A seasonal fishing village of 60 residents existed in the early part of the century. In 1941, John Foster Dulles, the future secretary of state for Dwight D. Eisenhower, bought much of the island as a summer place. After his death in 1959, a colleague inherited his land on the island. The Nature Conservancy of Canada purchased this land circa 1976 and then resold it to the Canadian Federal Government. In 1998 it was included in the Thousand Islands National Park of Canada.


Besides the lighthouse (c. 1914), a few buildings exists on the island:

  • lighthouse keeper home
  • assistant lightkeeper home c. 1970s
  • schoolhouse
  • ruins of the Foster estate (chimney remains)
  • In the middle of the larger island is a dock servicing small vessels. There are no roads on the island and just foot trails.

    Lighthouse KeepersEdit

  • James Clark (1914 – 1915)
  • Fred Bongard (1915 – 1921)
  • Wesley Earl Thomas (1921 – 1953)
  • Harold Dunn (1954 – 1958)
  • Coleman Main (1959 – 1976)
  • Kenneth McConnell (1976 – 1978)
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