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Maharaja of Mysore

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Style  His Highness
Formation  1399
Residence  Mysore Palace
First monarch  Yaduraya Wodeyar
Abolition  26 January 1950
Maharaja of Mysore
Last monarch  Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur

Maharaja of Mysore was the principal title of the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in India.


The Wodeyar dynasty was founded as a feudatory principality in 1399, which grew into the Kingdom of Mysore. The Wodeyars ruled that kingdom almost uninterruptedly between 1399 and 1947; they ruled initially as vassals of the Vijayanagara Empire (1399–1565), then as independent rulers (1565–1761), then as puppet rulers under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan (1761–1796) and finally as allies of the British crown (1799–1947). The Wodeyars of Mysore is the only Indian Royal family in the 5000-year-history of India (right from the times of Ramayana) to have ruled a kingdom for more than 500 years.The Maharajas of Mysore during these 650 years were:

Vassals of the Vijayanagara Empire (1399–1565)

  • Yaduraya Wodeyar (1399–1423)
  • Hiriya Bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar I (1423–1459)
  • Timmaraja Wodeyar I (1459–1478)
  • Hiriya Chamaraja Wodeyar II (1478–1513)
  • Hiriya Bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar III (1513–1553)
  • Independent rulers (1565–1761)

  • Timmaraja Wodeyar II (1553–1572)
  • Bola Chamaraja Wodeyar IV (1572–1576)
  • Chamaraja Wodeyar V (1576–1578)
  • Raja Wodeyar I (1578–1617)
  • Chamaraja Wodeyar VI (1617–1637)
  • Raja Wodeyar II (1637–1638)
  • (Ranadhira) Kantheerava Narasaraja Wodeyar I (1638–1659)
  • Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar (1659–1673)
  • Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar (1673–1704)
  • Kantheerava Narasaraja Wodeyar II (1704–1714)
  • Dodda Krishnaraja Wodeyar I (1714–1732). With him, Yaduraya’s direct lineage came to an end. What followed was a succession of nominal rulers adopted by the surviving queens to continue the tradition.
  • Chamaraja Wodeyar VII (1732–1734)
  • (Immadi) Krishnaraja Wodeyar II (1734–1766), puppet ruler under Hyder Ali from 1761
  • Puppet rulers under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan (1766–1796)

  • Nanjaraja Wodeyar (1766–1772), puppet ruler under Hyder Ali
  • Bettada Chamaraja Wodeyar VIII (1772–1776), puppet ruler under Hyder Ali
  • Khasa Chamaraja Wodeyar IX (1776–1796), puppet ruler under Hyder Ali until 1782, then under Tipu Sultan until his deposition in 1796.
  • Under British suzerainty until the abolishment of the monarchy (1799–1950)

  • (Mummudi) Krishnaraja Wodeyar III (1799–1868)
  • Chamaraja Wodeyar X (1868–1894)
  • H.H. Vani Vilas Sannidhana, queen of Chamaraja Wodeyar IX served as regent from 1894 to 1902
  • Rajarshi (Nalvadi) Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (1894–1940)
  • Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur (1940–1950), went on to serve as Rajpramukh of Mysore until 1956, Governor of the State of Mysore until 1964, and Governor of the State of Madras (modern Tamil Nadu) until 1966
  • Titular rulers (1950–present)

  • Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur (1950–1974)
  • Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar (1974–2013)
  • Interregnum (2013–2015)

  • Yaduveera Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar (2015–present)
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