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Magneto (band)

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Origin  Mexico
Years active  1983–1996 2009-present
Genres  Latin pop (Boy-band)
Genre  Latin pop (Boy band)
Magneto (band) Magneto Band Magnetosby Twitter
Website  [1] (unofficial fan site; Spanish)
Members  Mauri Stern, Juan Botella, Carlos, Alex, Armando, Marcos
Record labels  RCA Records, Sony Music Latin, Audiogram
Albums  Vuela - Vuela, Siempre, Déjalo que gire, 40 Grados, Tremendo

Magneto was a popular Mexican boy band of the 1980s and 1990s. The band formed on February 14, 1983. In 1986, Magneto was featured in "Siempre en Domingo," a Mexican entertainment show viewed across Latin America and parts of Europe. Mexican teen pop group Magneto emerged in 1983. Their first record, Dejalo Que Gire came in 1984, followed by Super 6 Magneto. Tha Latin pop outfit suffered several lineup changes before achieving their first gold record in 1986. Mostly playing dance-pop songs, the five-member ensemble started touring Central America after climbing charts with "Todo Esta Muy Bien," and "Soy Un Soñador." However, their breakthrough came after issuing a Spanish-language version of Desireless' "Voyage Voyage," a French pop hit from the '80s. In 1992 the boy band played the lead in their own movie, Cambiando el Destino. Magneto won the Lo Nuestro Award for Pop New Artist of the Year, and received two nominations for the Lo Nuestro Awards of 1993: Pop Album (Magneto) and Pop Group of the Year. Nevertheless, the original Magneto disbanded in 1996 after a sold-out show at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional.


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A number of former Magneto members (the group's 1993-1996 lineup of Alan Ibarra, Mauri Stern, Elias Cervantes, Tono Beltranena, and Hugo de la Barreda, better known as Alex) reunited in 2009.

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In 2016, Magneto toured with Mercurio, a 1990s Mexican boy band.

Original members

  • Francisco Mtz. Frank (Pepe Ovadia)
  • Diego Alfaro
  • Iñaki Huacuja
  • Enrique Oyanguren
  • Jose Javier Iñiguez
  • Replacements

  • Jose Antonio Chapa
  • Emiliano Balderas
  • Juan Botella
  • Mauricio Rocha
  • Santiago Antón
  • Mauri Stern (Marcos Stern Chernovetzky)
  • Eduardo
  • Carlos
  • Dan
  • Alex
  • Charlie
  • Alan (Erick Ibarra Miramontes)
  • Antonio (Tono) Beltranena
  • Albums

    Magneto (band) Magneto Free listening videos concerts stats and photos at Lastfm
  • Siempre (1995) (Always)
  • Tu Libertad (1994) (Your Freedom)
  • Más (1993) (More)
  • Cambiando el Destino (1992) (Changing Destiny)
  • Vuela, Vuela (1991) (a cover of Desireless's Voyage Voyage)
  • 40 Grados (1989) (40 Degrees)
  • Todo esta muy bien (1987) (Everything is very good)
  • Tremendo (1986) (Tremendous)
  • Super 6 Magneto (1984) (Magneto Super 6)
  • Dejalo que gire (1983) (Let it grow)
  • Singles

  • Una y Otra Vez (2001) (Once Again)
  • From the album Siempre (Always)

  • Para Siempre (Forever)
  • No Se Decir Adios (Don't Even Say Goodbye)
  • La Puerta del Colegio (The high school's door)
  • Corazon Perfecto (1995) (The Perfect Heart)
  • From the album Cambiando El Destino (Changing Destiny)

  • Amor A Mogollon (Mogollon Love)
  • Cambiando el Destino (1992) (Changing Destiny)
  • From the album Vuela, Vuela (Fly, Fly)

    Magneto (band) magneto band Gallery
  • Dejame Estar a Tu Lado (1991) (Let Me Stay by Your Side)
  • Huy Que Llego Tarde (1991) (Ouch, I'm being late)
  • Mira, Mira, Mira (1991) (Look, Look, Look)
  • Oyeme (1991) (Hear Me Out)
  • La Puerta del Colegio (1991) (The high school's door)
  • Para Siempre (1992) (Forever)
  • Rezo por Mi (1992) (Pray to Me)
  • Vuela, Vuela (1991) (Fly, away, Fly away)
  • From the album Tu Libertad (Your Freedom)

  • Eva María (1995) (Eva Maria)
  • Siempre Cerca de Mi (1995) (Always close to me)
  • Mentira Para Dos (1995) (A Lie for the Two of us)
  • Malherido (1994) (Deeply Hurt)
  • Señor, Señor (1995) (Listen)(Sir, Sir)
  • Tu Libertad (1994) (Your Freedom)
  • Yo seré de ti (1994) (You Entries of You)
  • From the album Más (More)

  • Que Sensación (1993) (What a Feeling!)
  • Mi Amada (1993) (My Beloved One)
  • Como Pega el Son (1993) (How the Son/Sound Hits You)
  • Sugar, Sugar (1993) (cover song)
  • Cambiando el Destino (1992) (Changing Destiny)
  • Sueño por Sueño (1994) (Dream for Dream)
  • From the album X-Magneto

  • Vuela, Vuela (remix) (1992)
  • Vuela, Vuela (Fly away, Fly away) (1992)
  • From the album 40 grados (40 Degrees)

  • Las palabras (with Angélica Vale) (1990) (The Words)
  • Obsesionado (1990) (Obsessed)
  • 40 grados (1989) (40 Degrees)
  • Tu mejor amigo (1989) (Literally: Your Best Friend)
  • From the album Tremendo (Tremendous)

  • Tremendo (Tremendous) (1986)
  • Adolescencia (The Teenage Years) (1986)
  • Un amigo es (A Friend is...) (1986)
  • From the album Todo esta muy bien (Everything is Very Good)

  • Mi clase de amor (My Kind of Love) (1988)
  • Soy un soñador (I'm a Dreamer) (1988)
  • Todo esta muy bien (Everything Is Very Good) (1987)
  • Films

  • Cambiando el destino (Changing Destiny) (1992)
  • Awards

  • 42 gold albums (representing 4.5 million records)
  • 7 platinum albums
  • 1 diamond album
  • Eres award for:
  • Best Pop Group
  • Best Album
  • Best Video
  • Best Movie
  • Best Song
  • TVyNovelas Award for "Best Pop Group
  • Galardón a los Grandes de la Música award
  • Lo Nuestro Awards
  • La Antorcha at the Viña del Mar Festival
  • Songs

    Vuela - VuelaVuela - Vuela · 1991
    40 GradosLive · 2016
    Sueño por sueñoMás · 1993


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