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Magnetic Joe

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Designer(s)  Ferenc Thier
Initial release date  2006
Genre  Puzzle video game
Programmer(s)  Ferenc Thier
Publisher  HD Interactive
Mode  Single-player video game
Magnetic Joe Magnetic Joe java game for mobile Magnetic Joe free download
Developer(s)  Most Wanted Entertainment
Artist(s)  Ferenc Thier, Csaba Kemeri
Platforms  Mobile phone, Java, Microsoft Windows, iOS
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Magnetic Joe is a puzzle-platformed video game developed for mobile phones by Most Wanted Entertainment/Mobile and published by HD publishing in 2006. The objective of the game is to guide a magnetic metal ball known as Joe to a designated exit in each level using various magnetic forces.


Preview of magnetic joe 2 mobile game


Magnetic Joe Magnetic Joe 239 Arrives in the App Store TouchArcade

The game features a one-button control scheme where the player presses a single button, or touches the screen, to activate Joe's magnetism. When Joe passes near a magnetic cell his magnetism activates. The player can see a lightning effect between Joe and the magnet, and Joe moves towards the magnet. As he moves closer to the magnet, his movement and rotation changes. The player can control the ball's movement by timing when the magnetism is activated. Different magnets push or pull the ball in different directions and are marked accordingly.

Magnetic Joe Magnetic Joe 2 YouTube

Joe can move around by rolling and bouncing. However, frequent hazards on the map such as spiked floors and walls add a challenge to this form of movement.

Magnetic Joe (mobile / J2ME)

The original game was released in 2006 for mobile phones. It featured 50 levels to complete 3 different "worlds".

It was possible to play randomly generated 'secret' levels by entering a code. Levels were generated based on the code entered.

The original game was well received by the gaming press, praising its simple and great game mechanics. It won a 'best casual game' award in 2006. "Magnetic Joe is incredibly simple and incredibly addictive, the game can be frustrating and extremely rewarding. Absolutely brilliant."

Magnetic Joe 2 (mobile / J2ME)

The second Magnetic Joe game had the same basic gameplay, but introduced new interactive game objects and characters. Interactive objects include teleports, a cannon, a lift, and breakable walls. New game characters are Josephine (Joe's Girlfriend), Invisible Joe, Bad Joe, and Robot Joe. The game also introduced new gameplay modes. In "collect mode", the player has to first find three "Little Joe"-s before the exits are activated and it's possible to win. In "enemy mode", there are enemies to avoid in the levels. Magnetic Joe 2 has a skateboarding minigame.

Magnetic Joe (Nintendo DSi)

A Nintendo DSi version of the game introduced a story mode and local wi-fi multiplayer. In story mode, the player must complete levels through several "worlds" that feature enemies, obstacles, and bosses unique to that world. It featured three different t modes: Classic, Time, and Collect. Classic mode features the same rules as the original mobile game. In Time Mode, levels have to be completed within a predefined time limit. Meanwhile, in Collect Mode, the player needs to collect special items before moving to the exit. Each of the game modes also feature Hard variations in which the player is limited in the number of times Joe can touch an obstacle before losing.
In the wi-fi multiplayer player challenge, two players play on the same level at once.

Magnetic Joe 1 & 2 (iPhone)

Magnetic Joe 1 & 2 for the iPhone is a port from the original Magnetic Joe for the iPhone, adding an online leaderboard feature. Each level is timed, and users can submit their times to an online leaderboard to beat the predefined 'developer time' for each level. By improving their times, players are able to unlock new characters to play in the game.

Note: Magnetic Joe was removed from App Store due to the demise of the publisher.


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