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Magic Adventures of Mumfie

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No. of seasons

First episode date
18 September 1994

Program creator

Music by
Larry Grossman

Original language(s)

Britt Allcroft


Narrated by
Magic Adventures of Mumfie httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesI5

NRK, ITV, CBBC, NHK, YTV, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Television, CITV, Fox Kids, Nick Jr., TV3

Thomas and Friends, Angelina Ballerina, The Adventures of Paddin, The Magic School Bus, Shining Time Station

The magic adventures of mumfie

Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie is a British animated children's television series and movie, inspired by the works of Katharine Tozer, with an original music score containing more than 22 songs. Created by Britt Allcroft, creator of Thomas and Friends, narrated by American actor Patrick Breen and directed by John Laurence Collins, Mumfie was first shown internationally in the 1990s to popular and critical acclaim.


Magic Adventures of Mumfie Magic Adventures of Mumfie Western Animation TV Tropes


  • Mumfie

  • Magic Adventures of Mumfie Watch The Beginning Of Things Ep 1 Magic Adventures of Mumfie

    The main character of the story, Mumfie is an elephant who lives in a little cottage in the woods. He always expects mail but never receives any. One day he decides to go on an adventure and the first thing he sees is a bird who asks if he can brighten up a dull tree.

  • Scarecrow

  • Magic Adventures of Mumfie Magic Adventures of Mumfie Britt Allcroft Ken Edwards

    When Mumfie first met Scarecrow he was always in a field not ever moving until he set on the quest with him. Scarecrow is with Mumfie in all episodes.

  • Pinkey the Flying Pig
  • Starting her first appearance in a farm where other pigs bully her, Pinkey is upset because she misses her mother so Scarecrow and Mumfie help her out.

  • The Black Cat
  • A mysterious, magical cat who riddles Mumfie as he proceeds his journey. Disappearing and reappearing the black cat helps Mumfie in ways he doesn't expect. He has a niece who is a grey kitty.

  • The Secretary
  • The villain of the story who wants the Queen of Night's jewel as his source of power to rule all.

  • Whale
  • Whale is Mumfie, Scarecrow and Pinkey's Friend who helps them to get to the island because instead of internal organs inside him he has a glamorous, luxury room set with portholes, hammocks, carpets and lights.

  • Pinkey's mother
  • Pinkey wanted to see her mother with Mumfie and Scarecrow only to find that she didn't want her to get caught by the secretary.

  • Bristle
  • At first a servant to the secretary Bristle is very strict about rules as he explains to Mumfie. When the secretary was defeated, he became loyal to the Queen of Night instead.

  • Napoleon
  • Napoleon is the bird who is kept a prisoner by the secretary. He had his feathers cut off a long time ago and, believing he couldn't fly anymore went into deep depression, until Pinkey made him understood after all these years they have grown back which persuades him to fly.

  • The Queen of Night
  • The queen was the ruler of the island which Mumfie goes to. She is undercover as the secretary wants her jewel to rule all. She is voiced by Britt Allcroft instead of Breen due to his inability to speak in a female voice.

  • Mr and Mrs Admiral
  • These two married people were having a dream of living an underwater house (despite the fact that humans can't breathe underwater) until one day Mr Admiral was kidnapped by Davy Jones and his pirates which was a big blow to Mrs Admiral.

  • Eel
  • Mumfie first met Eel in the cave that lead them to the pirates and Davy Jones because she was glowing in the dark.

  • Davy Jones
  • Davy Jones is the leader of the pirates (who lived in their underwater ship) when he left he decided to be whale's companion.

  • Pirates
  • These pirates served Davy Jones when they kept Mr Admiral a prisoner until they became good guys.

  • Youare the Reindeer
  • Youare is the reindeer character with twisted antlers whose first appearance was in "Mumfie's White Christmas". Despite the fact that "You are?" was a question that was asked to him in Santa's stables, he assumed that was his name.

    Production history

    Tozer's novels were first adapted for television as Here Comes Mumfie, using puppetry, between 1975 and 1976 and broadcast on Independent Television (ITV) in the United Kingdom. Allcroft's newly created version, with an original musical score featuring 26 Broadway style songs, was broadcast on the UK's ITV network in 1994 and has since been broadcast in other countries, including the US (Fox Kids), Canada, ABC in Australia (13 October 1995 - 30 December 1999), Scandinavia, Japan and Israel.

    The screen library consists of: Mumfie's Quest the movie length epic story, also broadcast as 13x10 minute serial, the Holiday Special Mumfie's White Christmas, plus Series 1 and Series 2 totaling 62 individual story episodes. After the sale of The Britt Allcroft Company in 2002, Mumfie became owned by HiT Entertainment. In 2009 Britt Allcroft bought back all the screen library, all the assets and underlying rights. Her family owned business, Britt Allcroft Productions LLV, recently announced a home entertainment distribution deal for the Mumfie screen library with Lionsgate for the U.S, U.K, Australia and many other parts of the world. They also had a partnership with United Talent Agency to handle all licensing for the Mumfie brand worldwide.

    In 2015, it was announced that Zodiak Kids will produce a new animated Mumfie series with Britt Allcroft Productions.

    Critical reception

    During its original run, Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie received positive reviews from critics. The Chicago Tribune called the show "a moving work of art" while the New York Daily News describes the show as "gentle, smart and beautifully animated".


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