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Maged El Kedwany

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Name  Maged Kedwany

Role  Actor
Maged El Kedwany Maged El Kedwany Actor Filmography photos Video

Movies  Asmaa, Cairo 6 - 7 - 8, Teer Enta, Ezbet Adam, Decor
Similar People  Ahmad Abdalla, Mohamed Diab, Amr Salama, Mahmoud Kamel

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Maged El Kedwany (Arabic: ماجد الكدواني‎‎, also spelled: Majid Al Kedwany born: 10 December 1967) is an Egyptian actor. He began acting in the 1990s, playing supporting roles. He won the Muhr Arab - Feature Best Actor Award for his role in 678 from Dubai International Film Festival. He's worked on dozens of films, among them are some of the most well-known films of the 1990s, like "Afareet el-Asphalt" (Asphalt Ghosts) in 1996 and "Saidi fe Gaea al-Amrikeya" (Saidi at the American University in Cairo) in 1998. His other films include "Harameya Ki-Gi-To" (Ki-Gi-To Thieves), "Harameya fe Thailand" (Thieves in Thailand), "Al-Ragel al-Abyad al-Motawast" (Average White Guy), and "Khaly min Kolesterol" (Cholesterol-Free). In 2012, he appeared in two high-profile movies, "Hafla Montasif al-Leil" (Midnight Party) and "Saaa we Nos" (Hour and a Half). Amongst the theatrical productions that he has performed in are “Pallo” and “Diwan Al Baqar”. Maged has also made several television appearances, which include roles in “Nahnu la Nazra Al Shawk”, “Al Farar Men Al Hob”, “Al Shara’a Al Jadeed”, “Zayzenia” and “Arabesque”.


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Personal life

Maged El Kedwany is a Coptic Orthodox Christian born in 1967 in the district of Shubra, Cairo. At a young age, Maged was brought up in Kuwait till the age of 18.He began his professional career while studying design at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He began acting in a number of amateur plays, which led to him being cast in various TV shows like "Qanfad" (Hedgehog) and "Nahnu al Nazre el-Shook."Thereafter he enrolled in the Institute of Theatrical Arts and graduated in 1995.


  • Afareet el-Asphat (Asphalt Ghosts) (1996)
  • Saidi fe Gaea al-Amrikeya (Saidi at the American University in Cairo) (1998)
  • Thieves in KG2
  • Thieves in Thailand (Fatin)
  • Askar fil-Mu'askar
  • Asmaa
  • 678
  • Before the Summer Crowds (2016)
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