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MJ Perkins

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MJ Perkins

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Moses Perkins (born November 19, 1983) is an actor and musician living in Los Angeles, California.



Perkins was born in the South Bay District of Los Angeles, California. His cousin, Joe Simon, is one of the first African Americans in history to win a Grammy Award and has sold over 20 million records world-wide. Perkins began his entertainment career in 1995 at the age of 13 after landing the lead role of Jesus Christ for the Catholic Archdioceses production of the Stations of The Cross. Perkins' performance was critically acclaimed and he would go on to perform in over 500 theatre productions and showcases.


After working several odd jobs, Perkins, struggling to get his name out in Hollywood, made his acting debut in 2008, starring in Fuse TV's 2008 show Rock Bottom. The show was produced by Film Garden and focused on musicians in rising rock bands who were struggling with the self-destructive behavior of a fellow member. Perkins, played the part of the sel-destructive band member in RadioFlash.Reality Check. A comedic series in which professional actors in character pranked televisions top reality TV shows for the sole purpose of undermining the producers and production crew's efforts to exploit regular people. Despite Moses Perkins successful efforts of ruining the show. Fuse TV would go on to unknowingly air their episode of Rock Bottom on November 21, 2008. Their episode would go on to be the highest viewed of the Rock Bottom series.

2009 brought more diverse characters out of Perkins when he landed a role on MyNetworkTV's The Tony Rock Project and in 2010 earned a role in the ABC's Lost, episode "We Love Hurley aka Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack" He played the role of Jerry, the older brother of a menacing young boy who is bent on disturbing the fellow diners. In 2011 and 2012 MJ Perkins began hosting top tier night clubs throughout the nation, specifically in Los Angeles where he led the renowned Exchange LA to being voted the number 1 dance club in Los Angeles by and Travel Readers.

Throughout his career, Perkins has had various roles in TV and commercials. He has also been featured in multiple magazines as a print model for Ray Ban Sunglasses and the California Milk Processor Board, Got Milk? advertisement campaign.

Creative Marketer

During the years MJ Perkins was a full-time performer he also was drawn to the creative art of advertising and marketing. The years learnt in self-promotion as an artist in Hollywood would eventually lead him into the world of social media marketing. In 2008 Perkins was hired by MySpace to aid in the development of their newly designed MySpace MyAds advertising platform. This platform was ground breaking and eventually paved the way for other social media giants Facebook & Twitter in the development of their self served advertising systems. In 2012 he worked with Ayzenberg Group, an advertising agency headquartered in Pasadena, CA, to create what many believe to be as one of the best video game social media marketing campaigns in history. His company currently heads the social media and web marketing for ViSalus co-founder Nick Sarnicola, his personal brand, as well as his reality TV show The Pyramid Thing and entrepreneur mentorship website The Power Couple. Perkins has also worked with comedian actor and sitcom writer David Arnold. Perkins continues his success as a creative social media marketer. He has managed social media pages which have fans in the millions and spread brands and ideas which have reached millions virally. He can also be found speaking at conventions and conferences throughout the nation discussing the art of social media marketing and the science behind emotional intelligence and its relevance in the world of marketing.


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