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Country  Brazil
Elevation  930 m
Population  98,752 (2010)
Area  3,961.536 km2
State  Goias
Region  Central-West
Founded  December 13, 1746
Mayor  Cristovao Vaz Tormin (PSD)

Luziania is municipality in the state of Goias, Brazil. This city is a producer of agricultural products including soybeans and beans.


Map of Luziania

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Luziania is located 68 km south of Brasilia and is part of the area, called Entorno do Distrito Federal.

Although the city has existed as a settlement since colonial days, its rapid growth occurred in the eighties and nineties with the population explosion of the federal capital and the need for less expensive living areas outside the planned city.

The municipality is limited in the north by Valparaiso de Goias and Novo Gama; in the south by Orizona and Ipameri; in the west by Santo Antonio do Descoberto, Alexania, and Silvania; and in the east by Cristalina.

The economy

Until the eighties Luziania was a sleepy little agricultural town a half hours drive away from Brasilia. Then agribusiness discovered the relatively flat lands that could produce high yields of soybeans with central pivot irrigation. Today the city is one of the most prosperous in the state and the second largest producer of beans and potatoes in the state, and the third largest producer of cotton and corn. In fruit cultivation it is the first producer in the state of guava and the fourth of tomatoes and passion fruit (maracuja). Planted area of the main crops in 2006 was: cotton, 1,334 hectares; rice, 1,000 hectares; beans, 24,000 hectares; corn, 15,000 hectares; and soybeans, 40,000 hectares.

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