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Luiza Bialasiewicz

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Luiza Bialasiewicz

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Luiza Bialasiewicz (born 14 August 1971, Warsaw)is an Italian political geographer (from Polish descent) and Jean Monnet Professor of EU External Relations in the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Before moving to Amsterdam in 2011, she was Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, and prior to that, Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Durham. Bialasiewicz obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Research interests

Bialasiewicz's work focuses on the political geographies of European integration and on European borders, with a particular focus on the 'geographical imaginations' of European belonging, within and beyond the territorial confines of Europe, and the role of Europe in the wider world. Her most recent research has examined EU border management and EU geopolitics, looking specifically at the role of third states in the 'out-sourcing' of EU border controls in the Mediterranean. Her work also engages with the historical geographies of Mediterranean cities, Trieste, Tangiers and Alexandria in particular.


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  • Journal articles

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  • Book chapters

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