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Lugar Heights

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Country of origin  United States
Original release  2001
Network  MTV Tres
Language  English
Original language(s)  English
First episode date  2001
Genre  Teen sitcom
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Original network  Galavision mun2 MTV Tres The N BET
Similar  House of Buggin', Freak, The Brothers GarcĂ­a, The Kill Point, Arabian Nights

Lugar heights

Lugar Heights is an American animated comedy television series that aired on Galavision, mun2, and MTV Tres, and also on The N and BET in reruns. It is located in an urban American city, where the main characters attend Lugar Heights High School, and involves the day-to-day life of teenagers.


Lugar Heights began as a series of 5-minute web shorts in 2001. These shorts were sold to Galavision. The show later become a half-hour series for mun2, before once again becoming a 5-minute series, this time for MTV Tres. Reruns are also aired on teen network The N in September 2004 until 2007, and on BET from July 2007 until August 2012.[1] In a DVD-exclusive episode ("Chickens of Mass Destruction"), John Leguizamo provides the voice of Spanish Fly.

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The central characters are four teenage Latinos: China, Roxy, Hugo, and Manos; supporting characters are The Twins.

China is the leader of the group who is usually the most naive of all of them. She has a lot of confidence and is very attractive and popular. She is usually the voice of reason between the group and is the most considerate. Her best friend is Roxy. She is Colombian and Puerto Rican.

Manos is the full-fledged Latino out of everyone in the group. He is very nice but very sensitive. He was discriminated from going shopping because of his ethnicity. But, he has a large family. He likes to tease China and Roxy. His best friend is Hugo, though they both sometimes fight (as seen in episode 3).

Roxy is a darker skinned Latina at times mistakenly thought to be African American. She is usually the first to engage in stupid schemes. She has natural Latino curves which never fail to impress guys. She lives with an abusive mother also. She is Dominican.

Hugo is usually the instigator of the group. He is also the toughest. He is Manos's best friend who he sometimes gets into fights with. Hugo loves to tease and trick China and Roxy. He is Puerto Rican.

The Blond-cita twins are two irritable teens who have a resentment of Roxy and China. They hate to lose to them. They always make insults about them. But they are fairly weak and cannot defend themselves when someone talks back to them.


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