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Luehdorfia japonica

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Lepidoptera
Genus  Luehdorfia
Higher classification  Luehdorfia
Phylum  Arthropoda
Family  Papilionidae
Scientific name  Luehdorfia japonica
Rank  Species
Luehdorfia japonica Japanese luehdorfia videos photos and facts Luehdorfia japonica
Similar  Butterfly, Parnassius glacialis, Anthocharis scolymus, Neozephyrus japonica, Insect

The life cycle of luehdorfia japonica toyama japan

The Japanese luehdorfia (Luehdorfia japonica) is a species of butterfly in the subfamily Parnassiinae of Papilionidae. It is found in Japan and China. It was discovered by Yasushi Nawa in Japan's Gifu Prefecture in 1883. It is also known as the Gifu butterfly (岐阜蝶 or ギフチョウ, Gifu Chō)


Luehdorfia japonica Luehdorfia japonica Luehdorfia japonica hyroki Flickr

Luehdorfia japonica is univoltine with adult emergence in early spring. The larval host plants are wild gingers species of the genus Asarum. Female butterflies lay eggs in clusters on the fresh growth of the host plant, and the hatched larvae feed on the leaf in groups during the early instar stages.

Luehdorfia japonica Luehdorfia japonica

Japanese entomologists have intensively studied the phylogeography, population dynamics and other aspects of the biology of Luehdorfia japonica including the role of the sphragis. This is a post-copulatory plug, attached to the abdomen of the female after copulation preventing her from mating again. It is found in other Parnassinae and some Acraeini.

Luehdorfia japonica Luehdorfia japonica

hd luehdorfia japonica visiting a flower


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The genus name is for Friedrich August Lühdorf, a Bremen trader who made a commercial expedition to Japan in 1854.


Luehdorfia japonica FileLuehdorfia japonica 20150404JPG Wikimedia Commons

Syntypes of japonica japonica are deposited in Natural History Museum, London.Types of japonica omikron Bryk, 1932 are held by Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Images of these types can be seen at The Global Butterfly Information System


Luehdorfia japonica is becoming more scarce as its previously lightly managed open woodland habitats are destroyed in favour of agriculture or intensive forestry. It is restricted to Honshu Island.


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