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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Family  Osphronemidae
Higher classification  Gourami
Order  Perciformes
Luciocephalus pikehead gourami Luciocephalus pulcher Foto Aquaportailcom
Similar  Parasphaerichthys, Luciocephalus pulcher, Frail gourami, Gourami, Belontia

Luciocephalus pulcher crocodile pikehead

Luciocephalus is a genus of gouramies native to Southeast Asia. Both are extremely specialized niche predators native to parts of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam; in addition, both species - like a number of other osphronemid genera - are paternal mouthbrooders.


Luciocephalus Luciocephalus pulcher Kurt Alex Flickr

Luciocephalus pulcher pikehead


There are currently two recognized species in this genus:

  • Luciocephalus aura H. H. Tan & P. K. L. Ng, 2005
  • Luciocephalus pulcher (J. E. Gray, 1830) (Pikehead)

  • Luciocephalus Luciocephalus Aura Related Keywords Luciocephalus Aura Long Tail
    Luciocephalus bluegrassaquaticscommediacatalogproductlulu
    Luciocephalus Luciocephalus pulcher Giant Pikehead Seriously Fish
    Luciocephalus Luciocephalus aura Peppermint Pikehead a paternal mouthbrooder


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