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Lucilla singleyana

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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Punctoidea
Genus  Lucilla
Phylum  Mollusca
Class  Gastropoda
Family  Helicodiscidae
Scientific name  Lucilla singleyana
Rank  Species
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Similar  Lucilla, Hawaiia minuscula, Cecilioides acicula, Helicodiscus, Cochlicopa lubricella

Lucilla singleyana is a species of minute air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk or micromollusk in the family Helicodiscidae.


The shell of this species is about 2 mm in width.

Original description

Lucilla singleyana was originally discovered and described (under the name Zonites singleyanus) by Henry Augustus Pilsbry in 1889.

Pilsbry's original text (the type description) reads as follows:


This species is Holarctic in distribution.

The indigenous distribution for this species includes North America.

Then non-indigenous distribution areas include:

  • Great Britain
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • This species was previously announced from the Czech Republic since 1988, but later in 2009 was all findings recognized as Lucilla scintilla.

    This species has been introduced to New Zealand.


    This species lives in soil, see soil-inhabitant. Technically this is known as being a terricol species.


    Lucilla singleyana Wikipedia

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