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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Blattodea
Subfamily  Blaberinae
Higher classification  Blaberinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Family  Blaberidae
Scientific name  Lucihormetica
Rank  Genus
Lucihormetica wwwbiolibczIMGGAL197262jpg
Lower classifications  Lucihormetica luckae, Lucihormetica verrucosa

Lucihormetica subcincta

Lucihormetica is a South American genus of giant cockroaches from the family Blaberidae, collectively referred to as glowspot cockroaches. It has been widely reported that their spots are bioluminescent. Recent reviews have been unable to conclusively prove this, although evidence for autofluorescence exists. The genus includes both relatively common and rare species: For example, L. verrucosa is relatively common and sometimes kept in captivity, while eight of the remaining species (as well as an additional undescribed species) only are known from a single specimen each.


Lucihormetica Image Lucihormetica verrucosa BioLibcz

Allevamento lucihormetica verrucosa


12 species:

  • Lucihormetica amazonica
  • Lucihormetica cerdai
  • Lucihormetica fenestrata
  • Lucihormetica grossei
  • Lucihormetica interna
  • Lucihormetica luckae
  • Lucihormetica osunai
  • Lucihormetica seabrai
  • Lucihormetica subcincta
  • Lucihormetica tapurucuara
  • Lucihormetica verrucosa
  • Lucihormetica zomproi

  • Lucihormetica Image Lucihormetica grossei BioLibcz
    Lucihormetica Image Lucihormetica verrucosa BioLibcz
    Lucihormetica Lucihormetica fenestrata adult male Blattodea Culture Group
    Lucihormetica Work Of Rony Lucihormetica Luckae Cells Classification


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