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Luciano Benetton

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Residence  Treviso, Italy
Name  Luciano Benetton

Spouse(s)  married
Nationality  Italian
Siblings  Giuliana Benetton
Luciano Benetton Benetton steps down as fashion empire struggles Inquirer
Occupation  Co-founder of Benetton Group
Net worth  $2.9 billion (May 2015)
Relatives  Giuliana Benetton (sister) Carlo Benetton (brother) Gilberto Benetton (brother)
Children  Alessandro Benetton, Rocco Benetton, Mauro Benetton, Rossella Benetton
Grandchildren  Tobias Benetton, Agnese Benetton, Luce Benetton
Books  Go Go Ghana! Contemp, North Korea: a unique co, Ojo Andino Chile 17, Overture Hungary Contemp, Botswana The River of Art Co
Similar People  Alessandro Benetton, Gilberto Benetton, Oliviero Toscani, Marina Salamon, Flavio Briatore

Organizations founded  Benetton Group

Imago mundi an introduction by luciano benetton

Luciano Benetton (born 13 May 1935) is an Italian billionaire businessman, one of the co-founders of Benetton Group, the Italian fashion brand.


Luciano Benetton Luciano Benetton39s Imago Mundi Tiny Art of Giant

Early life

Luciano Benetton COLORS 70 BEIJING

Luciano Benetton was born on 13 May 1935 in Treviso, Italy. Following the death of his father, he left school at 14 and began working in a clothing shop.


In 1965, together with his siblings, Giuliana Benetton, Carlo Benetton and Gilberto Benetton, he founded Benetton Group.

In May 2015, Forbes estimated the net worth of Luciano Benetton and each of his three siblings at US$2.9 billion.

His business practices have come under attack: "His business world wide has been taking lands from natives, with the complicity of local governments. In his hands lies gallons of innocent blood."

Personal life

He is married with four children and lives in Treviso, Italy. His son, Alessandro Benetton was chairman of Benetton Group from April 2012 to May 2014.


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