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Covelli salumi lucanica senza conservanti senza glutine e lattosio

Lucanica was a short, fat, rustic pork sausage in Ancient Roman cuisine.


Apicius documents it as a spicy, smoked beef or pork sausage originally from Lucania; according to Cicero and Martial, it was brought by Roman troops or slaves from Lucania.

Lucanica Ricetta Lucanica o salsiccia di Apicio

It has given its name to a variety of sausages (fresh, cured, and smoked) in Mediterranean cuisine and its colonial offshoots, including:

Lucanica pasta di lucanica Pin Salumi
  • Italian luganega or lucanica
  • Portuguese and Brazilian linguiça
  • Bulgarian lukanka or loukanka
  • Macedonian (Western dialects) lukanec/луканец or lukanci/луканци
  • Greek loukaniko, a fresh sausage usually flavored with orange peel
  • Spanish, Latin American, and Philippine longaniza, a name which covers both fresh and cured sausages
  • Arabic laqāniq, naqāniq, or maqāniq, made of mutton and some semolina

  • Lucanica luganica luganega lucanica

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