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Luca Bracali

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Name  Luca Bracali

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Luca Bracali (born in Pistoia, April 12, 1965) is an Italian photographer, film maker and explorer


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Luca Bracali (Pistoia, 12 April 1965) began his career as a photographer and reporter for sports newspapers and as a correspondent for the Motocross World Championships, MotoGP, and later Formula 1.

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During his career he has written many articles for travel, culture and tourism magazines and seven of his books have been published (Storia Illustrata di Pistoia, I colori del viaggio, SOS Pianeta Terra, A rose is a rose is a rose, Amor Maris. I miti scolpiti di Alba Gonzales, Fantasie della Terra, Myanmar. The true essence, Pianeta Terra. Un mondo da salvare, L’Italia vista da Parigi, Rapa Nui. Genesi di un restauro fra storia, leggende e misteri). In 20 years of reportage he has travelled to 138 countries.

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Luca Bracali is closely involved with environmental issues, such as the ice-melt and global warming, as can be seen from the photos he has taken in the Antarctic and Arctic regions. Through photographic projects he has collaborated with polar researchers from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and the Barneo Ice Camp, which was the starting point for a Ski Eco- Expedition to the geographic North Pole in 2009. Thanks to these Polar expeditions, broadcast on more than forty radio and television programmes, he was able to become a member of APECS [1] (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) and subsequently has collaborated with IASC (International Arctic Science Committee).

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Since 2010 his pictures have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Roma, Sofia Kiev, Odessa Copenaghen, Hofn, Montreal and New York City, showing his own particular way of conceiving a photograph - a geometric composition of saturated colours where light plays a fundamental role. Luca Bracali is also busy in the television industry and after one year as the tv host of a travel and adventure program aired on Sky satellite, he became the director of "Easy Driver", a weekly television program on Rai 1 [5]. Subsequently he has worked with RAI 2, especially with TG2 TG2 and Stories [2] and with Rai 1 entitled "The coffee Rai Uno" with services dedicated to its explorations in documentary style. He is the 'author and producer of a project called Planet Explorer [4], a live-video and photo tour, designed specifically for the web, which in 2016 was the ninth edition after Iceland, South Africa, United States, Greece, Morocco, Norway and Vietnam, Ireland, Scotland. As Professor of photography for the Lorenzo de Medici and The Darkroom in Florence, he has taught photography courses at the Academy of Canon and then he subsequently became "ambassador" for Fujifilm. He has received eight awards at international photography competitions related to photography and reportage. He is the author of the cover of The last Thule, the latest disc by Francesco Guccini and four reports published by National Geographic - the restoration of the Moai in the Easter Island the Basic Arctic airship Italy CNR at Ny Alesund, the Eso astronomical observatories: the Very Large Telescope at Cerro Paranal and ALMA Atacama Large Millimeter Array, the largest astronomical project on Earth, the global-warming and polar bear in Hudson Bay in Canada. The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge (USA) gave his name to the 198.616° asteroid discovered.


• 1989: He began his career as a sport correspondent in the motocross world championship, road racing and Formula 1

• 1990: He completed his first travel report through 11 European countries

• 2004: Antarctica. In icebreaker to Vernadsky Research Base, a research center where Jonathan Shanklin first discover the ozone hole.

• 2008: Arctic Sun on My Path. From the title of a book by the Norwegian explorer Willie Knutsen, took place the project of a crossing between Canada and Alaska to document the migration of polar bears the aurora borealis and the Inuit life.

• 2009: Eco-expedition to the geographic North Pole. A crossing on skis in food self-sufficiency and logistics to Barneo, a Russian base-camp on drifting ice.

• 2010: Debut as an artist in photography.

• 2011: (February) Television presenter at Fuoriporta, Sky satellite, channel 237.

• 2011: (March) Canon photography teacher for Academy Passion Suite courses.

• 2011: (September) Planet Explorer Iceland. A live-tour to tell about Iceland on the web through stories, photos and video.

• 2011: (November) Director for Easy Driver, a program aired on Rai 1, Italian main TV channel.

• 2012: (Aprile) Director “Un Giro per la Vita” (Life Tour), the first Eco-Tour by Porsche along the Italian coastline.

• 2012: (October) Producer and Director of Planet Explorer 2 South Africa

• 2012: (November) Photographer of the cover of “L’Ultima Thule”, latest album of Francesco Guccini

• 2013: Producer and Director of Planet Explorer 3 US National Parks

• 2014: Producer and Director of Planet Explorer 4 Greece and Planet Explorer 5 Morocco

• 2015: Producer and Director of Planet Explorer 6 Norway and Planet Explorer 7 Vietnam.

• 2016: Producer and Director of Planet Explorer 8 Ireland and Planet Explorer 9 Scotland.


• 2005 Storia illustrata di Pistoia (Edifir)

• 2006 I colori del viaggio (Gli Ori)

• 2009 Start collaboration with Oasis '

• 2010 SOS Pianeta Terra (Electa Mondadori)

• 2013 A rose is a rose is a rose (Mondadori)

• 2014 Amor Maris. I miti scolpiti di Alba Gonzales (Arte'm)

• 2015 Fantasies Earth (Zerotre Editions)

• 2015 Myanmar. The true essence (Zerotre Editions)

• 2016 Planet Earth. A world to save (Silvana Editoriale)

• 2016 Italy view from Paris (ASUD)

• 2016 Rapa Nui. Genesis of a restoration between history, legends and mysteries (Lorenzo de’ Medici Press)


• 1995: Fujifilm Euro 1995 World Press Photo Awards 1994 - First prize section reports

• 2007: Orvieto Fotografia - First prize, a category report, with the book "I colori del viaggio"

• 2008: Member, as contributor, dell'Apecs (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)

• 2011: Glanzlichter (Intl. Photo Competition) – First prize category “Animal community”

• 2011: Glanzlichter (Intl. Photo Competition) – Highlight category “Nature as Art”

• 2012: World Ambassador for Camaiore

• 2013: Fujifilm X-Photographer

• 2014: Minor Planet Center of Cambridge (USA) named the 198.616th discovered asteroid after him.

• 2015 SIPA Contest - First Prize Category "The cultural value dimension man-eating"

• SIPA Contest 2015 - Special Mention "The cultural value dimension man-eating"

• 2015 MIFA Photography Awards - Special Mention "Architecture-Buildings"

• 2015 MIFA Photography Awards - Special Mention "People-Portrait"


• 1992 Tourist Office APT Montecatini Terme - "Archetypes of the great North"

• 1995 Arengario Palace, Milano - "Canon Photographer Profession"

• 2003 BZF Vallecchi gallery, Florence - "The reasons for the trip"

• 2006 The Buffalo Art Gallery, Florence - "Travel and Travellers"

• 2010 Artribù art-house, Rome - "Refractions"

• 2010 Central Art Gallery, Fabriano - "Silence, colors and shapes of nature"

• 2010 Photoshow, Canson booth, Rome

• 2010 Agora Art Gallery, New York - "Altered states of reality"

• 2010 Amarillo Art Gallery, Reggio Emilia - "Incantations of nature"

• 2010 European Photography 2010, Reggio Emilia - "Incantations of nature"

• 2010 Norweek010, Milano - "Norway. Powered by nature "

• 2010 Etna Photo Meeting, Catania - "Silence, colors and shapes of nature"

• 2010 Blue Planet, Pietrasanta - "Real and Imaginary journeys"

• 2010 Academy of Artists, Burgas - "The power of imagination: the third eye of the photographer and the creativity of the sculptress. Exhibition of Alba Gonzales and Luca Bracali "

• 2010 National Library SS. Cyril and Methodius, Sofia - "Real and Imaginary journeys"

• 2011 San Francesco Museum, Montone (PG) – “1° International Biennial”

• 2011 Nettuno Square - Hotel Roma, Bologna – “Ecosystems”

• 2012 National Art Academy, Kiev - “Ecosystems”

• 2012 Ethnographic Museum, Lviv - “Ecosystems”

• 2013 Picture Gallery, Kerch – “Ecosystems”

• 2013 Museum of literature, Odessa – “Ecosystems”

• 2013 Ecological University, Odessa - “Ecosystems”

• 2013 State University, Mariupol - “Ecosystems”

• 2014 Palazzo Turati, Milano - "Norway. The color of light"

• 2014 Pianeta Azzurro, Pietrasanta - "Amor Maris. I miti scolpiti"

• 2014 Dome of Visions, Copenaghen - "A tribute to Planet Earth"

• 2014 Leonardo da Vinci Center, Montreal - "A tribute to Planet Earth" - "Norway. The color of light" - "A rose is a rose is a rose"

• 2014 Italian Cultural Institute, New York - "A rose is a rose is a rose"

• 2014 Castello Orsini, Avezzano - "A tribute to Planet Earth" - "Norway. The color of light"

• 2015 Dell'Ovo Castle, Naples - "2015 Year of the Light" - "Tribute to planet earth"

• 2015 Roseto degli Abruzzi - "2015 Year of the Light" - Tribute to planet earth "

• 2015 Corigliano Calabro - "Cold from the South"

• 2015 Orecchiella Park - "Fantasies of the Earth"

• 2015 Pietrasanta - "A rose is a rose is a rose"

• 2015 Santa Severina Castle, Crotone - "First International Art Exhibition"

• 2016 Hofn Cultural and Conference Center, Akureyri, Iceland - "Year of the Northern light"

• 2016 Sozzifanti Palace, Pistoia - "Planet Earth. A world to save"

• 2016 Leonardo da Vinci Center, Montreal - "Planet Earth. A world to save"

• 2016 Duccio di Buoninsegna institute, Cloister of St. Domenico, Siena - "Planet Earth. A world to save"


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