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Country Subdivision  Belarus Hrodna Voblast
Area code(s)  +375-1597
Time zone  EET (UTC+2)
Local time  Tuesday 1:26 PM
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Weather  7°C, Wind N at 8 km/h, 69% Humidity

Lubcha (Belarusian: Любча, Lubča, Russian: Любча, Polish: Lubcz, Yiddish: לובטשLubtsh) is a town near Nioman River, in Belarus, Hrodna Voblast, Navahrudak rajon, 23 km from Navahrudak.


Map of Lubcha, Belarus


Before World War II, approximately 1500 Jews lived in Lubcha. There were 2 synagogues and a Jewish cemetery. The German forces occupied the village at the end of June 1941. A short time after their arrival, the Germans selected 50 Jewish men and brought them to Novogrudok, where they were shot. In March 1942, a ghetto was fenced in and Jews from surroundings villages, like Delatyche, were brought into the ghetto. Later, three members of the Judenrat and Jewish police were shot by the Germans under the pretext of bad hygienic conditions inside the ghetto. Though the fate of the remaining Jews is not completely clear, it seems that a group was sent to the Novogrudok ghetto, where they were later shot in August 1942. Another group was sent to complete road construction near the village of Vorobyeviche, where they were also shot in August 1942. It appears that several hundred Jews were also shot and buried in the cemetery during spring 1942.


  • Lubcz Castle of the Radziwill family
  • Orthodox church of St. Elijah (1910–14)
  • Catholic church, 1930
  • Old Jewish cemetery
  • Views of Lubcha Castle
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