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Love and Kisses (song)

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Recorded  1989
Length  3:45
Genre  Pop, dance
Released  26 February 1990 (1990-02-26) (Australia) 18 March 1991 (1991-03-18) (UK) April 1991 (1991-04) (Japan)
Format  CD single, Vinyl single, Cassette single
Label  MCA, Universal, Mushroom

"Love and Kisses" is a dance-pop song performed by Australian singer Dannii Minogue. The song was written by Alvin Moody, and produced by Moody, Vincent Bell and Dancin' Danny D for Minogue's debut album Love and Kisses (1991). It was released as Minogue's debut single in February 1990 in Australia and on 18 March 1991 in the United Kingdom. It entered the top ten in the UK and Australia.


Background and reception

Six months after signing a recording contract with Mushroom Records in Australia, Minogue traveled to New York City to begin recording songs for her debut album. While in the United States, she worked with record producers Alvin Moody and Vincent Bell. The recording studio, located in Brooklyn, had been the site of several shootings. This made it difficult for Minogue to get to it because taxicab drivers would not drive her there. Minogue found the recording experience in New York City both "awesome" and "terrifying". Minogue chose to record "Love and Kisses" because of its American R&B influences. She "didn't want it to sound like all the other pop records in [Australia] at the time". In a review for Allmusic, John Lucas called the song "an entertaining piece of fluff", but wrote that "it has dated badly, particularly the cringe-worthy rap section".

Music video

The music video for "Love and Kisses" was directed by Paul Goldman and Craig Griffin. The video features Minogue dancing in front of a white background with a group of dancers. It begins with close-up images of Minogue, dressed in a leather outfit. She is then shown with a group of dancers dancing in front of a changing backdrop. Black-and-white scenes of Minogue singing by herself are intercut throughout. It was released commercially on The Videos in 1996 and The Hits & Beyond special edition companion DVD in 2006.

Chart performance

"Love and Kisses" was officially released in Australia in February 1990. The song debuted on the singles chart at number forty on 11 March 1990. It reached number four six weeks later and remained on the top 100 chart for twenty weeks, being certified gold. The single also reached #15 in New Zealand & was on the chart for 7 weeks.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, "Love and Kisses" was released on 18 March 1991. It reached number eight on the UK Singles Chart and number twenty-two on the Irish Singles Chart. The track was released in Japan in April 1991, where it reached number fourteen. "Love and Kisses" also peaked at number 15 and was her first and last single in New Zealand.

Formats and track listings

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Love and Kisses".

Australian Cassingle
(C1069; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses"
  2. "Work"

Australian Maxi-Cassingle
(C13435; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses (Hectic Mix)"
  2. "Love and Kisses (House Mix)"
  3. "Love and Kisses (Funky Mix)"
  4. "Work"

Australian CD single
(D1069; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses (Hectic Mix)"
  2. "Love and Kisses (House Mix)"
  3. "Work"
  4. "Love and Kisses

Australian 7" vinyl single
(K1069; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses"
  2. "Work"

Australian 12" vinyl single
(X13435; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses (Hectic Mix)"
  2. "Love and Kisses (House Mix - Edit)"
  3. "Work"

Australian 12" vinyl "Remix" single
(X13435; Released February 1990)

  1. "Love and Kisses (House Mix)"
  2. "Love and Kisses (Funky Mix)"
  3. "Work"

UK 7" vinyl single
(MCSR1529; Released 18 March 1991)

  1. "Love and Kisses"
  2. "Love and Kisses" (Instrumental)

Japanese 3" CD single
(ALDB-103; Released April 1991)

  1. "Love and Kisses"
  2. "Work"


The following people contributed to "Love and Kisses":

  • Dannii Minogue – lead vocals
  • Alvin Moody – production
  • Vincent Bell – production
  • Dancin' Danny D – remix, additional production
  • Phil Bodger – engineering
  • Paul Cox – photography
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