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Louise Mohn

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Name  Louise Mohn
Parents  Trond Mohn
Aunts  Marit Mohn

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Spouse  Erik Bertrand Larssen (m. 2014)
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Louise Mohn (born 14 January 1974) is a Norwegian entrepreneur and sole founder of The Luzmon and co-founder of Michelsen Medical. After a promising career as a basketball player was cut short due to debilitating injuries in her teens, Mohn was left with severe pain and unable to walk. A TEI-machine proved to be the answer to her injuries. The combined electro stimulation and heat treatments left her pain free and lead to the start of her career as an entrepreneur, with the opening of The Luzmon Clinic in London in 2005 and the establishment of Michelsen Medical in 2011.


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Early life

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Louise Mohn, the daughter of Norwegian philanthropist and businessman Trond Mohn and wife Mette, was born in Bergen, Norway and early on she displayed a talent for sports. By the age of 15 she was playing basketball at a national level for five different basketball teams. Her training schedule caught up with her and she started experiencing injuries and muscle pain. She was forced to give up basketball as her health deteriorated further, leaving her in chronic pain. Mohn refused risky surgery and pain medication. Within the next ten years she went through different medical evaluations and simultaneously tried various treatments, including physiotherapy, ultrasound and laser but she was still left in chronic pain.


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By chance she came across a TEI-machine in a clinic in Oslo, Norway, and the combination of heat and neuro-muscular stimulation proved to be the solution to her condition and after six months of treatment she was pain free.

Clinic (The Luzmon)

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In 2004 she gathered a team of professionals and founded The Luzmon Clinic in Kensington, London. Soon after its opening in November 2004, it became a favorite among finance professionals and celebrities like Elle Macpherson and Celia Walden. In 2008, not content with existing equipment, the company invested heavily in research and development of new electrodes to the TEI-machine. After two years of investments in the UK, the pad prototype developed was unsuccessful, and Mohn decided to end her distribution agreement for the TEI-system. Consequently she closed the clinic and went on to pursue further research and development in Norway.

Clinical Trials and R&D

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In 2008 Mohn turned over documentation from 10 000 treatment sessions to a medical team at Haukeland University Hospital who began designing a program of clinical trials. In 2010 Mohn, based on her experience and the research conducted at Haukeland, started a comprehensive innovation campaign with the Norwegian company CMR to start developing proprietary medical equipment. CMR is an independent research foundation that was founded at the behest of former prime minister and ship-owner Christian Michelsen in order to advance scientific discovery. Within ten months of collaboration new suitable electrodes had been developed and in 2011, the invention resulted in the publication A Stimulation Approach to Optimizing Performance of Equipment for Thermostimulation of Muscle Tissue using COMSOL Multiphysics. In October 2011, due to international certification requirements, CMR and Mohn co-founded a medical production company, Michelsen Medical. In addition to the further development of and mass production of Mohn’s proprietary thermo-stimulation machine, the company aims to offer entrepreneurs assistance with certification, industrialization and production of medical supplies. Currently the company is also developing an insulin pump and have several other prospective technologies under development.

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