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Lottery Ticket (2010 film)

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Lottery Ticket (2010 film) movie poster

Release date
August 20, 2010 (2010-08-20)

Abdul Williams (screenplay), Erik White (story), Abdul Williams (story)

Executive producers
Ice Cube, Steven P. Wegner, Timothy M. Bourne

Shad Moss
(Kevin Carson), (Benny), (Stacie), (Grandma),
Teairra Mari
(Nikki Swayze), (Mr. Washington)

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Lottery ticket 2010 official trailer ice cube terry crews movie hd

Lottery Ticket is a 2010 American comedy film directed by Erik White and starring Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton, Keith David, Charlie Murphy, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Loretta Devine and Ice Cube in lead roles. The story follows a young man who wins a $370 million lottery, and soon realizes that people from the city are not his real friends, but are after his money. The film released on August 20, 2010.


Lottery Ticket (2010 film) movie scenes

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Lottery Ticket (2010 film) movie scenes

The film follows Kevin Carson (Bow Wow), a young man living in the projects with his grandmother (Loretta Devine). Kevin dreams of one day designing his own sneaker line, but currently works at Foot Locker. His dreams are supported by two of his best friends: Benny (Brandon T. Jackson) and Stacey (Naturi Naughton). He comes across Lorenzo (Gbenga Akinnagbe), the neighborhood bully. Meanwhile, everyone in his neighborhood is trying to win the Mondo Million Dollar Lottery of $370 million. Lorenzo demands that Kevin gives him and his three friends three sets of sneakers each. When Lorenzo shows up to Kevin's job at Foot Locker, and grabs the shoes, the alarms go off and the police arrive, after Kevin accidentally pays for the shoes for Lorenzo, he attempts to explain to the police that he did not intend to give the shoes to Lorenzo, Lorenzo is arrested for shoplifting and Kevin loses his job.

Lottery Ticket (2010 film) movie scenes

On his way home, he buys a Mondo Millionaire Lottery ticket at a gas station, playing his grandmother's and his lucky numbers. He meets Benny, who tells him that the whole neighborhood heard that Kevin "snitched" on Lorenzo, and is even called one by their friends. Defeated, Kevin goes home and quickly falls asleep. Later, the numbers of the lottery are announced. Grandma's ticket doesn't win, but Kevin finds out that his own ticket has won him $370 million. However, when he and Benny head to the claims office, they are told that they must wait three days for the office to reopen, due to the Fourth of July weekend. News of Kevin's winning ticket spreads, and the entire neighborhood swarms him and his home, begging for a cut of the money. Nikki Swayze (Teairra Marí) who previously rejected Kevin, suddenly develops an interest in him. This angers Stacey, who tells Kevin that Nikki is only after his money, but Kevin does not believe it. Kevin and Benny meet a loan shark, Sweet Tee (Keith David), who gives Kevin $100,000 to go out and have fun. After her date with Kevin, Nikki secretly tries make him get her pregnant, but Kevin refuses. Nikki then reveals to Kevin that she was legally trying to get half of his money, by having a baby with him. He leaves the house angry and upset. Upon leaving the building, a man calls him from the basement window. Kevin meets Mr. Washington, a retired boxer, who invites him to his house for a conversation.

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The next day, Kevin attends church with his grandmother until Benny comes in and tells him that Lorenzo is looking for him and the ticket. Lorenzo comes in and is stopped by the churchgoers. Kevin tries to escape, but he's confronted by Lorenzo's crew. Sweet Tee's bodyguard saves Kevin with his gun, but Lorenzo emerges and physically breaks his hand. Then, Kevin runs to the train station with Lorenzo and his boys chasing him. Kevin leaps onto the train thinking he's safe, but Lorenzo gets on, too. However Kevin hops off before the doors close. The train leaves the station with Lorenzo on.

Lottery Ticket (2010 film) Lottery Ticket 2010 film Wikipedia

Later that day, Kevin and Benny have an argument about the ticket which leads to them not speaking to each other. He goes to Stacey's house, and she tells Kevin that she thinks he was wrong about the entire situation. He also tells her that she is the girl for him, which leads to her getting angry and telling him to get out. He kisses her and she responds accordingly, but they are interrupted by the arrival of her mother. As Kevin leaves her house, Lorenzo knocks him unconscious and takes one of Kevin's sneakers and ticket. The following day, he wakes up in the apartment of Mr. Washington (Ice Cube), who talks with him. Kevin also takes time to reconcile with Benny. They make a scheme to fool Lorenzo that the ticket is fake, which later upsets Lorenzo. Later, the neighborhood has a block party, and Kevin faces off against Lorenzo. On the verge of defeat, Kevin is saved by Mr. Washington, who comes and knocks Lorenzo unconscious. Afterwards, Benny tells Kevin to give him the lottery ticket for protection and when the day came, Kevin gets the money.

Lottery Ticket (2010 film) Photos of Brandon T Jackson

Months later, Kevin, Benny and Stacey board Kevin's new helicopter and fly off to work at Kevin's sneaker company.


Lottery Ticket (2010 film) Lottery Ticket Bluray

  • Bow Wow as Kevin Carson
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Benny
  • Naturi Naughton as Stacy
  • Loretta Devine as Grandma Carson
  • Ice Cube as Jerome "Thump" Washington
  • Gbenga Akinnagbe as Lorenzo Mack
  • Keith David as Sweet Tee
  • Terry Crews as Jimmy
  • Charlie Murphy as "Semaj" (James)
  • Teairra Marí as Nikki Swayze
  • Jason Weaver as Ray Ray
  • Leslie Jones as Tasha
  • Vince Green as Malik
  • Malieek Straughter as Deangelo
  • T-Pain as Junior
  • Bill Bellamy as Giovanni Watson
  • Mike Epps as Reverend Taylor
  • IronE Singleton as Neighbor
  • Lil Twist as Boy asking for cigarettes
  • Reception

    Lottery Ticket (2010 film) LOTTERY TICKET Interview Bow Wow Brandon T Jackson Ice Cube and

    The film received generally mixed to negative response worldwide, garnering a 34% rating out of 79 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critical consensus reading: "There's a worthwhile message at the heart of Lottery Ticket, but it's buried under stale humor, tired stereotypes, and obvious clichés." On Metacritic, the film holds a score of 50 out of 100, on 24 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".


    Lottery Ticket (2010 film) Lottery Ticket 6 Movie CLIP I Got You 2010 HD YouTube

    The following is a track listing of songs for the film, Lottery Ticket. Songs marked with an '*' are just songs that can be briefly heard in the film.

    1. "Workin' Man Blues" - Aceyalone (featuring Bionik)
    2. "Look At Me Now" - King Juju
    3. "Lord Rescue Me" - Jason Eskridge
    4. "If You're Really Hood" - the Handlebars
    5. "What You Talkin About" - Classic
    6. "How Low" - Ludacris
    7. "I Make the Hood Look Good" - T-Drop Roxe Karvell
    8. "Tim & Bob Groove 1" - Tim & Bob
    9. "We Like to Party" - Ben and Family
    10. "Mysterious Love" - Lamar J and Deshawn Williams (of Take 2)
    11. "I Be Doin It" - კლასიკა
    12. "Outta Control" - Envy
    13. "Gangsta Party" - Classic
    14. "Southside" - Johnny Ringo
    15. "I Can Transform Ya"*- Chris Brown
    16. "Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong
    17. "Hallelujah"
    18. "All Your Bass" - T-Pain
    19. "Tim & Bob Groove 2" - Tim & Bob
    20. "Deez Hips" - Dem Naughty Boyz
    21. "Oh Happy Day" - Edwin Hawkins Singers
    22. "Whoa Now" - B Rich
    23. "Million Bucks" - Maino (featuring Swizz Beatz)
    24. "Tim & Bob Groove 3" - Tim & Bob
    25. "I Invented Sex" - Trey Songz (featuring Drake)
    26. "Standing in the Rain" - Al Green
    27. "Come By Here My Lord" - Tick Ticker
    28. "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" - Alicia Keys (featuring Drake)
    29. "Let My People Go" - Darondo
    30. "Take Your Shirt Off" - T-Pain
    31. "Here to Party" - Classic
    32. "For My Hood" - Bow Wow (featuring Sean Kingston)

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