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Lord Alex Oakwell

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Portrayed by  Rupam Maxwell
First appearance  9 July 1997
Spin-offappearances  Emmerdale: Revenge
First cousins  Grayson Sinclair
Duration  1997–98
Introduced by  Kieran Roberts
Classification  Former; regular
Last appearance  10 February 1998
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Similar  Linda Fowler, Graham Clark, Tonisha Daggert, Steve Marchant, Tara Thornfield

Emmerdale roy glover vs lord alex oakwell 1998

Lord Alex Oakwell is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale, played by Rupam Maxwell. The actor auditioned for the part of Alex and was told he had won the role on the same day. His casting was announced in June 1997 and Maxwell said he was thrilled to get the part. He hoped his character would have some juicy storylines lined up. Maxwell made his first screen appearance as Alex during the episode broadcast on 9 July 1997.


Alex was a young aristocrat, who inherited Oakwell Hall. A writer for the Daily Mirror branded Alex a womaniser and said he was arrogant and self-centred. Maxwell stated his character would not be the most popular person in Emmerdale. Despite being engaged to Tara Cockburn (Anna Brecon), Alex had an affair with businesswoman Kim Tate (Claire King). He continued to pursue her even after he married Tara. Alex developed a drug addiction and during Emmerdale's 25th anniversary episode, he caused the death of Linda Fowler (Tonicha Jeronimo).

While out for a drive with Linda, Alex snorted cocaine and tried to molest her. As she fought him off, Alex crashed the car and when he saw Linda was unconscious, he moved her into the driver's seat. Alex made a return to the village in February 1998 during a one-hour episode and he later appeared in the spin-off Emmerdale: Revenge, where he died after falling from a roof. Mark Oliver of The People said called Alex "dashing", while Tony Purnell of the Daily Mirror branded him "the biggest baddie on the box."


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Maxwell told Linda Udall of The People that he was "absolutely thrilled" to get the part of Alex. He explained "Landing a part in Emmerdale is the biggest thing that has happened in my career. It's such a fantastic opportunity for me. I went for an audition on a Thursday morning, I was offered the part in the afternoon and started filming the following Monday. It's been absolutely incredible." Maxwell said he was unsure what was in store for his character, but he hoped it would be juicy. He believed that he was going to enjoy the part and added "I've never played a lover before and I'm looking forward to getting some experience at this particular role." Maxwell made his debut screen appearance as Alex on 9 July 1997.


Maxwell described Alex as "a sexy young aristocrat" and said he did not think he was anything like his character. Udall called Alex a "thrusting young newcomer", while a writer for the Daily Mirror said he was "an arrogant, self-centred womaniser." Of Alex, Maxwell later said "I have to find a positive side to his character but I have to admit it can be pretty hard with a person like Alex. He is weak-willed, arrogant and motivated by self-preservation. He is certainly not going to be the most popular person in Emmerdale."

Alex soon encountered Kim Tate (Claire King) and she initially dismissed him for a stable hand, but when she learnt he was a lord, she changed her attitude towards him. Kim made a play for Alex, seeing him as a wealthy potential investor. King told Helen Childs of Inside Soap that Kim finds Alex's title very attractive, as soon as she learnt he was a lord, he became more fanciable to her. Childs said it was an added bonus that Alex happened to be "handsome toy-boy material as well." Kim tried to charm her way into Alex's affections, but his fiancée Tara Cockburn (Anna Brecon) stood in her way. Describing Kim's reaction to Tara, King said "She doesn't believe Alex genuinely loves Tara either. It's one of those marriages of convenience, where they've known each other since they were six and their daddies expected them to marry. In fact, it's almost like an arranged marriage." Kim tried to put an end to Alex's engagement, by using their business deals over the stud farm. Alex was aware that Kim had money, which he needed as he was almost broke. Kim believed she could be a part of Alex's life, by throwing money at him. Childs explained Kim's partner Steve Marchant (Paul Opacic) could only stand back and watch Kim try to secure a place among the upper classes and added that with Alex on the scene, Steve did not stand a chance. Kim later invested in Alex's stud farm and he continued to show an interest in her even after he married Tara in a lavish ceremony on 21 August 1997. Opacic said Steve did not know Kim and Alex had begun an affair, as he assumed a lord would not be interested in a middle-class woman like Kim.

During the soap's 25th anniversary episode broadcast in late 1997, Alex caused the death of regular character Linda Fowler (Tonicha Jeronimo). While attending Kim's engagement party at Home Farm, Alex was caught snorting cocaine in the bathroom. He later flirted with Linda, after she had a row with Biff Fowler (Stuart Wade), and he offered to take her for a drive in his sports car. Alex was seen snorting cocaine while driving and he tried to molest Linda, who fought him off. The fight caused Alex to crash the car into a ditch and when he discovered Linda was unconscious, he moved her into the driver's seat. The Daily Mirror's Tony Purnell said "The lecherous lord escaped serious injury and fled the scene". Biff then discovered Linda's lifeless body in the car. Alex later returned to the village in a one-hour special broadcast on 10 February 1998. The episode was described as being "dramatic" and "action-packed" by a writer for Inside Soap. The cast and crew were due to film the whole episode shortly before Christmas, but an unexpected snow flurry forced a schedule change and they had to finish filming in January 1998 instead. Alex then appeared in the spin-off Emmerdale: Revenge, which was released on video on 20 November 1998. Linda's brother, Roy (Nicky Evans), tracked him down to London, where he was found to be involved in a drugs gang. While being chased across a roof, Alex slipped and fell to his death.


Alex inherits Oakwell Hall at a young age and becomes engaged to family friend, Tara Cockburn. He meets Kim Tate and is attracted to her. Kim pursues Alex and invests in his stud farm business. They have an affair and Alex shows a lot of interest in Kim, even after he marries Tara. Alex develops a substance abuse problem. During a party at Home Farm, Kim catches him taking cocaine. Alex flirts and dances with Linda Fowler and he offers to drive her home. Due to the cocaine and alcohol he had consumed, Alex crashes the car into a tree. Seeing Linda is unconscious, Alex moves her to the driver's seat and kisses her goodbye. He then flees the area. Alex returns the following year and Tara agrees to leave the country with him. However, Alex takes her jewellery and leaves without her. Linda's younger brother, Roy, later learns Alex has resurfaced in London. Roy and an undercover police officer find Alex and chase him. Alex climbs up to the roof of a building, but he falls and dies.


Linda Udall of The People said "Maxwell looks like he could have stepped straight from the pages of a Jilly Cooper sex and saddle saga. In skin-tight jodhpurs, black leather riding boots and flexing a horse whip in his hands he positively oozes sex appeal." Udall's colleague, Mark Oliver called Alex "dashing", while Dave Lanning called him a "wimp husband". Tony Purnell of the Daily Mirror branded Alex a "cad" and said he was "turning into the biggest baddie on the box." A reporter for the Daily Record called Alex "villainous". A columnist for Inside Soap named Alex and Kim's relationship as one of the "Hot affairs of the Dales". They said "Lady of the Manor Kim got more than she bargained for when she found out that aristocrat Alex was due to get married to Tara."


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