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Kingdom  Fungi
Class  Agaricomycetes
Scientific name  Lopharia
Order  Polyporales
Division  Basidiomycota
Family  Polyporaceae
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Porostereum, Limacella glischra, Lactarius aspideoides, Lactarius affinis, Laetiporus huroniensis

Lopharia cinerascens fungi kingdom

Lopharia is a genus of fungi in the family Polyporaceae. The genus was circumscribed by Károly Kalchbrenner and Peter MacOwan in 1881.



Fruit bodies of Lopharia fungi are crust like, to effused-reflexed (like a crust with the edges curled out to form caps). The sterile portion of the crust surface is tomentose, while the spore-bearing surface (the hymenium) is smooth or tuberculate. The colour ranges from greyish-white to cream to pale yellowish.

Lopharia has a dimitic hyphal system, meaning that it contains both generative and skeletal hyphae. The generative hyphae have clamp connections. Basidia are club shaped with four sterigmata, and have a clamp at the base. Spores are cylindrical to ellipsoid in shape with a smooth surface. They are hyaline (translucent), and have oily contents.


A 2008 estimate placed 13 species in Lopharia. As of October 2016, Index Fungorum accepts 15 species:

  • Lopharia albida Rick (1938)
  • Lopharia americana Rick (1928)
  • Lopharia amethystea (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) A.L.Welden (2010)
  • Lopharia bambusae Rick (1960)
  • Lopharia cinerascens (Schwein.) G.Cunn. (1956)
  • Lopharia cystidiosa (Rehill & B.K.Bakshi) Boidin (1969)
  • Lopharia javanica Henn. & E.Nyman (1900)
  • Lopharia lilacina (Berk. & Broome) A.L.Welden (2010)
  • Lopharia ochracea G.Cunn. (1963)
  • Lopharia papyracea (Bres.) D.A.Reid (1957)
  • Lopharia papyrina (Mont.) Boidin (1959)
  • Lopharia pilosiuscula (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) A.L.Welden (2010)
  • Lopharia pseudocinerascens Boidin & Gilles (2003)
  • Lopharia rimosissima Rick (1960)
  • Lopharia rugulosa (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) Hjortstam (1995)
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