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Country  France
Department  Essonne
Intercommunality  Europ'Essonne
Area  4.84 km²
Arrondissement  Palaiseau
Region  Île-de-France
Canton  Longjumeau
Population (2011)  21,510
Local time  Sunday 8:37 PM

Weather  12°C, Wind NW at 14 km/h, 83% Humidity
Points of interest  Yvette, Musée Cathelin, Mortaled. 7

Longjumeau ([lɔ̃.ʒy.mo]) is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 18.2 km (11.3 mi) from the center of Paris.


Map of 91160 Longjumeau, France

Inhabitants of Longjumeau are known as Longjumellois (French pronunciation: ​[lõʒymɛˈlwa]).

Longjumeau Party School

In 1911 Lenin founded the Longjumeau Party School to provide instruction to selected militants of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party who would travel from Russia to attend. There were 18 students, with three each from Moscow and St Petersburg, with the rest coming from across the Russian Empire. Lenin was the principal lecturer delivering 56 lectures on divers subjects. Other instructors included: Nikolai Semashko, David Riazanov, C. Rappoport, Inessa Armand, Z. Leder, and Anatoli Lunacharsky.


Longjumeau is served by three stations on Paris RER line C: Longjumeau, Gravigny – Balizy and Chilly Mazarin RER, which are peaceful due to the low transit.


As of 2016 the six communal preschools (écoles maternelles) had 895 students, and the six communal elementary schools had 1,432 students, making a total of 2,377 students. Schools include:

  • Public preschools: Albert Schweitzer, Balizy, Jean Bernose, Maryse Bastié, Charles Perrault, and Albert Gubanski
  • Public elementary schools: Albert Schweitzer, Jules Ferry, Hélène Boucher, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Georges Guynemer, and Balizy
  • Public junior high schools: Collège Louis Pasteur, Collège André Marois, Collège Pablo Picasso
  • Public senior high schools/sixth-form colleges: Lycée Jacques-Prévert and Lycée des Métiers Jean-Perrin
  • Private schools: Ecole Maternelle les Saules and Ecole Privée Saint-Anne
  • Personalities

  • Loïc Loval, footballer
  • Benjamin Mendy, footballer
  • Jérémy Ménez, footballer
  • Stéphane Owona, footballer
  • Ibrahima Tandia (born in Longjumeau in 1993), footballer
  • David Reinhardt, jazz guitarist
  • Martin Chavant, Lascard, also known as "le taillé" or "l'armoire Longjuméloise".
  • Trivia

    Longjumeau is the setting for the opera-comique Le postillon de Longjumeau by Adolphe Adam where it is presented as an early 19th-century rural community. The opera was first performed in Paris at the Opéra-Comique on 13 October 1836. Performances followed in London at the St. James Theatre on 13 March 1837, and in New Orleans at the Théâtre d'Orléans on 19 April 1838.

    Longjumeau is twinned with Pontypool in South Wales, UK.


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