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London Eye in popular culture

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London Eye in popular culture

As a prominent London landmark, the London Eye (also known as the Millennium Wheel) often appears in popular culture.



  • Flushed Away (2006): seen as Roddy and Rita float over Kensington.
  • Cars 2 (2011): seen during the final race of the World Grand Prix in London.
  • K-On! Movie (2011): seen during the main characters' arrival in London.
  • Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012): seen in the London sequence.
  • Bollywood

  • Namastey London (2007): seen in a song.
  • Hollywood

  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007): the team must prevent the Eye falling into the Thames.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007): seen during a Wizard Chase scene.
  • Run Fatboy Run (2007): seen in the background at nighttime.
  • The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005): two characters from the comedy show The League of Gentlemen ride the Eye, much to the confusion of nearby tourists.
  • Agent Cody Banks 2 (2004): has a scene in a capsule.
  • Thunderbirds (2004): Thunderbird 2 lands next to the Eye.
  • Wimbledon (2004): has a scene in a capsule.
  • A Knight's Tale (2001): a wooden replica is seen is an establishing shot of 14th century London, one of several deliberate anachronisms in the film.
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002): seen when Austin Powers enters his new London headquarters.
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013): seen collapsing into the Thames as the rest of London is obliterated.
  • Independence Day: Resurgence (2016): seen collapsing when gravity pull from alien mothership releases and all debris (buildings, airplanes, etc.) falls to Earth.
  • Independent

  • 28 Days Later (2002): seen motionless in scenes of a deserted London.
  • 9 Songs (2004): has a scene in a capsule.
  • If Only (2004): has a scene in a capsule.
  • Flood (2007): seen in the opening credits, and later when a devastated London is shown in long shot.
  • The Day the Earth Stopped (2008): is destroyed by a giant robot.
  • The Smurfs 2 (2013): seen in the trailer, rolling over London Bridge.
  • Games

  • Mass Effect 3: seen in the trailer, as London is attacked.
  • Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition: a Chance card reads "Pay 1.5 million to have all 32 capsules of The London Eye washed and polished."
  • Music

    Live performances
  • Dirty Pretty Things, during a Carling Live 24 event
  • Videos
  • BBMak's "Back Here".
  • Kano's "Feel Free".
  • R.E.M.'s "Aftermath".
  • Status Quo's "The Beginning of the End".
  • Stephen Gately's "New Beginning".
  • Take That's "The Flood".
  • Novels

  • Strange Affair (2005), by Peter Robinson: pages 190-94 (McClelland & Stewart paperback).
  • The London Eye Mystery (2007), children's mystery novel.
  • Un Lun Dun (2007) by China Miéville: the London Eye is said to have come from a dream about the UnLondon-I, a giant water wheel.
  • Netherland (2008), by Joseph O'Neill: pages 253–55 (Vintage paperback).
  • Animations

  • Phineas and Ferb: in the episode "Elementary My Dear Stacy", the boys' waterslide loops around Big Ben and finishes at the Eye.
  • The Simpsons: in "The Regina Monologues" episode, Homer and Marge Simpson ride the Eye in search of their children (Bart and Lisa) and their capsule becomes a detachable flotation device.
  • Children's

  • Becky and Barnaby Bear: in "The River Thames" episode, Barnaby visits the Eye.
  • Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me: has a scene in a capsule.
  • Comedy

  • Dead Ringers: Jon Culshaw dresses as The Doctor and warns people not to listen to the messages over the speaker system because "It's a trap!"
  • Drama

  • Hustle: an episode opens with a confidence scheme trying to sell someone the Eye.
  • Doctor Who: in the 2005 episode "Rose", the Eye is used as a communication/control device for the Nestene Consciousness.
  • Sherlock (TV series): appears in the opening credits.
  • Tripping Over: in the season 1 finale, Tamsin and Sam hold their wedding in a capsule.
  • The Bachelorette: in season 8, Emily and Jef have their first dinner date in a capsule.
  • Interviews

  • Eye To Eye: the Bloomberg Television series conducts interviews in a capsule of the London Eye.
  • Reality TV

  • Spy: a surveillance exercise is run from the Eye.
  • The Amazing Race: in 2007 season 7, teams go to the top of the Eye to search for a location with the help of binoculars.
  • The Girls Next Door: in 2006 season 2, Holly, Bridget, and Kendra visit the Eye.
  • Making the Band 4: in 2009 season 3, Day 26 rides the Eye while discussing the demise of Danity Kane.
  • Soaps

  • EastEnders: in a 2001 episode, Jim proposed to Dot in one of the capsules.
  • Neighbours: in a 2007 episode, Karl proposed to Susan in one of the capsules.
  • Specials

  • New Year Live, BBC One's New Year's Eve special: fireworks went off from the Eye when Big Ben chimed midnight.
  • Station identifications

  • One of the current series of BBC One station identification spots features a stylised representation of the Eye, used because the theme of the series is a circle representing "One".
  • Miscellaneous

  • Modelled at Legoland Windsor.
  • Used as the location of a 2003 flash mob.
  • References

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