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Lomonosov (lunar crater)

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Diameter  92 km
Colongitude  263° at sunrise
Depth  Unknown
Eponym  Mikhail V. Lomonosov
Lomonosov (lunar crater)

Lomonosov is a lunar crater that is located just behind the western limb of the Moon. It is almost attached to the east-northeastern outer rim of the larger crater Joliot, and overlies the southern rim of Maxwell. Attached to the southern rim of Lomonosov is the smaller Edison.

The interior floor of Lomonosov has been resurfaced with lava flows, leaving a dark, level surface marked only by a few tiny craterlets and some streaks of ray material from Giordano Bruno. Only the lowest portion of the interior is flooded, however, and much of the inner wall of the rim remains uncovered. The inner wall is narrower along the northern edge where the crater overlies Maxwell. There is also slumped material along the base of the inner wall.

This crater was formally named in 1961 by the IAU.


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