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Kingdom  Plantae
Order  Dryopteridales
Scientific name  Lomariopsis
Rank  Genus
Division  Pteridophyta
Family  Lomariopsidaceae
Higher classification  Lomariopsidaceae
Lomariopsis httpswwwflowgrowdedbimagesaquaticplantsde
Similar  Süsswassertang, Monosolenium, Lomariopsidaceae, Taxiphyllum, Pellia

Two pregnant shrimps and lomariopsis lineata mov

Lomariopsis is the type genus of the family Lomariopsidaceae of the ferns.


One economically important species exists only as an aquatic gametophyte form, commonly known as süsswassertang. This species is closely allied to Lomariopsis lineata but has not yet been named as a species.

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Round pellia lomariopsis lineata una pianta versatile semplice e poco esigente

List of species

Lomariopsis lineata
  • Lomariopsis amydrophlebia (Slosson ex Maxon) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis boivinii Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis boninensis Nakai
  • Lomariopsis brackenridgei Carr.
  • Lomariopsis chinensis Ching
  • Lomariopsis congoensis Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis cordata (Bonap.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis crassifolia Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis decrescens Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis erythrodes (Kze.) Fée
  • Lomariopsis fendleri D.C. Eaton
  • Lomariopsis guineensis (Underw.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis hederacea Alston
  • Lomariopsis intermedia (Copel.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis jamaicensis (Underw.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis japurensis (Mart.) J. Sm.
  • Lomariopsis kingii (Copel.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis kunzeana (Presl ex Underw.) Holtt., holly vine fern
  • Lomariopsis lanceolata Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis latipinna Stolze
  • Lomariopsis lineata (Presl) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis longicaudata (Bonap.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis madagascarica (Bonap.) Alston.
  • Lomariopsis mannii (Underw.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis marginata (Schrad.) Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis mauritiensis Lorence
  • Lomariopsis maxonii (Underw.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis muriculata Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis nigropaleata Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis novae-caledoniae Mett.
  • Lomariopsis oleandrifolia Mett. ex Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis orbiculata (Poir. in Lam.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis palustris (Hook.) Mett.
  • Lomariopsis pervillei Mett. ex Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis pollicina Willem. ex Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis prieuriana Fée
  • Lomariopsis recurvata Fée
  • Lomariopsis rossii Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis setchellii Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis sorbifolia (L.) Fée
  • Lomariopsis speciosa Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis spectabilis (Kunze) Mett.
  • Lomariopsis subtrifoliata (Copel.) Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis tenuifolia (Desv.) Christ, vine fern
  • Lomariopsis underwoodii Holtt.
  • Lomariopsis variabilis Fée
  • Lomariopsis warneckei (Hieron.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis wrightii Mett ex Eat.
  • Lomariopsis sp. - süsswassertang

  • Lomariopsis Ferns of Thailand Laos and Cambodia gt Lomariopsis lineata
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