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Logfia gallica

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Gnaphalieae
Scientific name  Logfia gallica
Rank  Species
Order  Asterales
Genus  Logfia
Higher classification  Logfia
Logfia gallica CalPhotos Logfia gallica Narrowleaved Cottonrose
Similar  Logfia, Daisy family, Filago, Filago lutescens, Filago pyramidata

Logfia gallica, (syn: Filago gallica), is a species of herbaceous plant. Its common names are narrowleaf cottonrose and daggerleaf cottonrose. It is in the Gnaphalieae tribe of the Sunflower (Asteraceae) family

Logfia gallica Wildflowers NPS SAMO NRA Logfia gallica detail page

The species has relatively long and stiff awl-shaped leaves.


Logfia gallica is native to the Mediterranean region, in Eurasia, North Africa, and Western Asia.

Logfia gallica nathistocbioucieduplantsAsteraceaeLogfia20g

It is widely introduced species, that has naturalized in western North America — from southwestern Oregon, throughout California including the Channel Islands, to northwestern Baja California, Mexico. The first known American collection was from Newcastle, California circa 1883. It had subsequently been collected throughout central California by 1935, and had spread to most of its present North American range by 1970.

Elsewhere, it is also naturalized in South America, Hawaii, and Australia.

Logfia gallica Narrowleaved Filago Logfia gallica
Logfia gallica Narrowleaf Cottonrose Logfia gallica
Logfia gallica Logfia gallica


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