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Logan Machine Company

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Logan Machine Company

LMC is both the tradename (brand name) and an abbreviation for Logan Manufacturing Company - a US manufacturer of snowcats that ceased operation in 2000.

LMC was formed in 1978 when John DeLorean purchased the snowcat division from Thiokol. For approximately 2 years the snowcats were produced under the brand name of DMC but by 1981 or 1982 the brand name was switched to LMC. All 3 brands were based in the same factory during the ownership changes and was headquartered in Logan, Utah.

Both DMC and LMC snowcats were available in numerous models and were available for use grooming ski-slopes, transporting work crews, and for snowmobile snow grooming. Many are still in commercial use today. Popular production snowcats manufactured by Thiokol were carried over almost through DMC and LMC's product lines and the IMP, Super IMP and Spryte models are still in use today and often favored by private snowcat owners for back country transportation uses.

Other brands that competed with DMC and LMC included the Tucker Sno-Cat and Bombardier snowcats. DeLorean sold his shares to an investment group in 1993, by that time several snowcat brands had ceased operation due to market factors, among them the Snow Trac and Kristi.


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