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Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag

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Director  Stephen Low
Initial DVD release  September 27, 2005
Country  USA
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Documentary, Short
Language  English
Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag movie poster
Release date  2004
Writer  Stephen Low, Denny Kuhr (story), Joe Stanley (story)
Cast  Michael Hanrahan (Narrator (voice)), John Stratton (Himself), Robert Novotny (Himself), Sam Morgan (Himself)
Genres  Documentary, Short Film, War film, Biographical film
Similar movies  Pacific Rim, IMAX 3D Deep Sea, To the Arctic, Paperman, Legends of Flight, Speed

Fighter pilot operation red flag 3d trailer hd

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag is an IMAX film centered on the experiences of a USAF F-15 Eagle fighter pilot, then-Captain John Stratton, who wants to be professionally successful as a fighter pilot. It chronicles his experience during USAF Red Flag training at Nellis AFB, a simulated air war designed to train pilots for combat. Directed by Stephen Low and presented by Boeing, the film shows how airmen simulate a war without killing one another, as well as the training of military air base firemen, military ordnance crews, midair refueling operations, cockpit views, and other aspects of aerial combat. The film was released in December 2004.


Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag movie scenes

A war without guns

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag movie scenes

The exercise simulates an air war without firing actual weapons using NACTS (Nellis Air Combat Training System). The participating aircraft, carrying specialized telemetry pods or other equipment, send back telemetry information to computer, and when they have "fired," the computer figures out who is "hit." Color codes during computer replay debriefs offer a way of telling participants apart, with blue planes representing friendly forces and red planes representing enemy forces in the exercise.


Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag movie scenes

Fighter Pilot was met with mixed reviews. Robert Koehler of Variety gave the film an unfavorable review, saying, "Presumably, the greatest strength of an Imax format film about flying would be placing viewers in the cockpit and immersing eyes and ears in the total flight experience. Director Stephen Low is either unable or unwilling to do this." Bruce Westbook of the Houston Chronicle commented on his review that "the crisp military teams are inspiring, showing fierce dedication and camaraderie. Fighter Pilot should set minds at ease that businesslike experts defend our skies. But it plays more like a recruitment film than an eye-popping IMAX experience." The film is currently rated at 56% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag movie scenes


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